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Abbey by Envy Wigs

Abbey by Envy is a short, layered, and customizable wig. The full hand-tied monofilament top allows ..

$900.00 $720.00

Alana by Envy Wigs

This long layered lace front style offers soft lush curls for a glammed up appearance. The wave and ..

$240.00 $192.00

Alyssa by Envy Wigs

Alyssa by Envy Wigs is a fashion forward layered shag with bangs. Fluff it up or comb in closer for ..

$155.00 $124.00

Amelia by Envy Wigs

Amelia by Envy is a smart, sleek, jaw-length stunning bob. This human hair wig features slight lay..

$750.00 $600.00

Angel by Envy Wigs

Angel is a chic and layered pixie with a girly twist. The face-framing layers gives her a feminine t..

$155.00 $124.00

Angie by Envy Wigs

Angie by Envy Wigs is one of the most stylish and ready to wear lace front bob cut wigs available. A..

$285.00 $228.00

Ashley by Envy Wigs

Ashley by Envy Wigs is a medium length style with mega bounce. Ashley has soft open curls that are t..

$300.00 $240.00

Aubrey by Envy Wigs

Soft, natural layers on this pretty pixie make Aubrey by Envy wigs easy and fun to wear. We recomme..

$725.00 $580.00

Barbie by Envy Wigs

Barbie by Envy has soft layers that gives this style a stunning fashion forward appeal. With slightl..

$240.00 $192.00

Belinda by Envy Wigs

Belinda by Envy is a fashionably layered style, made of mid-length, face framing angles in front and..

$295.00 $236.00

Bianca by Envy Wigs

The Bianca Wig by Envy has a long, side-swept bang and artfully messy curls that add an easy-breezy ..

$170.00 $136.00

Bobbi by Envy Wigs

Bobbi by Envy Wigs is long layered style that offers sexy, soft movement. With these cascading layer..

$300.00 $240.00

Brianna by Envy Wigs

Brianna wig by Envy Wigs is a long lace front feminine wavy style. The long layered curl pattern is ..

$315.00 $252.00

Brittaney by Envy Wigs

Brittaney by Envy is a loosely waved, long bob that’s glamorous and ready to wear. The hand-tied lac..

$295.00 $236.00

Brooke by Envy Wigs

Brooke by Envy is a long, layered, and glamorous synthetic wig. The hand-tied lace in the front crea..

$310.00 $248.00

Bryn by Envy Wigs

Bryn by Envy Wigs is a classic short curled style with layering throughout that creates maximum volu..

$155.00 $124.00

Carley by Envy Wigs

Carley by Envy Wigs offers cutting edge styling with face framing layers and razored edges to create..

$275.00 $220.00

Cassandra by Envy Wigs

Cassandra is a stylish, short wig with plenty of face-framing fringe that flatters effortlessly. Sof..

$155.00 $124.00

Celeste by Envy Wigs

Celeste by Envy is a long, layered, and face framing synthetic wig. The full hand-tied monofilament ..

$315.00 $252.00

Chelsea by Envy Wigs

The Chelsea Wig by Envy is a timeless elegance that abounds with this classic, A-Line just-below-sho..

$1,200.00 $960.00

Chloe by Envy Wigs

Chloe by Envy is flirty and feminine. Chloe's long layers and lazy waves turn the classic bob into e..

$295.00 $236.00

Coco by Envy Wigs

The Coco Wig by Envy embraces that retro glam look in this bouncy, mid-length "bob." Coco's artfully..

$290.00 $232.00

Coti by Envy Wigs

The Coti Wig by Envy lets you step out like the goddess you are in Coti's chic, nape-hugging style. ..

$875.00 $700.00

Dakota by Envy Wigs

Dakota Wig by Envy has easy-going waves and long, feathered fringe, this shoulder-length bombshell i..

$230.00 $184.00

Danielle by Envy Wigs

Danielle by Envy Wigs is a mid-length to long wig with a lace front and 100% hand-tied monofilament ..

$650.00 $520.00

Delaney by Envy Wigs

Delaney by Envy is a layered, short shag that’s modern and ready to wear. The hand-tied lace in the ..

$290.00 $232.00

Dena by Envy Wigs

The Dena Wig by Envy is made from Envy's exclusive Envyhair, human hair/synthetic blend. Dena's nape..

$875.00 $700.00

Denise by Envy Wigs

Denise by Envy Wigs is a smart fashion forward tapered wedge style with lace front construction offe..

$215.00 $172.00

Destiny by Envy Wigs

With her classic pixie cut and sassy, piecey bangs, the Destiny Wig by Envy will always be in style...

$800.00 $640.00

Elle by Envy Wigs

Elle by Envy Wigs is a mid-length boy cut style that is contemporary, fashionable and versatility in..

$145.00 $116.00

Eve by Envy Wigs

Nothing says sophistication quite like a classic bob. The Eve Wig by Envy is a sleek, timeless silho..

$285.00 $228.00

Francesca by Envy Wigs

Francesca by Envy Wigs is a short wig that is always a fashion statement and never out of style. Thi..

$155.00 $124.00

Genny by Envy Wigs

Genny wig by Envy Wigs is a textured short pixie style. Sassy razored layers throughout the cut crea..

$280.00 $224.00

Gigi by Envy Wigs

Gigi is the girl next door meets modern fashion guru with long, gentle layers, flared ends, and wisp..

$280.00 $224.00

Grace by Envy Wigs

With her thick, side-swept bangs and long, face-framing layers, the Grace Wig by Envy is a classic s..

$900.00 $720.00

Haley by Envy Wigs

Haley by Envy Wigs takes strategically placed layering to offer movement and ease of styling. Shake ..

$275.00 $220.00