About Us

Pinkee Promise is a one-stop shop with trained mastectomy fitters and stylists on staff where women can get the supplies they need for their fight against breast cancer and other illnesses. 

The "Promise" in our name is a reminder of our promise of continual support: the support we provide with the best products, professional fitting assistance, and the promise of doing all we can to help promote the emotional empowerment that comes when a woman feels "whole" and beautiful again. We will not simply exist to sell products - our mission is to make every woman who walks through our door or virtual door feel whole, beautiful, and more prepared to face her health battle.

Pinkee Promise offers breast forms, mastectomy bras, wigs, wig care products, lymphedema arm sleeves and gauntlets, lower extremity compression garments, aromatherapy products to help with the side effects of chemo and radiation such as nausea, anxiety, immune-boosting essential oils and more.  We also offer pampering, healthy products such as the best teas we've ever tasted that can help protect against the recurrence of breast cancer, and can help relax and comfort, as well as cutting-edge innovative products including cold therapy products that are scientifically proven to help women maintain most of their hair and keep nails healthy and strong throughout chemotherapy.

If there's a product that you need that we don't offer, please contact us by calling toll free 844-PINKEE2, or writing us at [email protected]. We will make every effort to get your products for you and on our website so others can have them as well!