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Alana XO by Amore

Alana by Amore is a shoulder length bob with romantic, wavy curls and softly layered fringe.. Th..

$366.00 $311.10

Blair by Amore

Blair by Amore (Rene of Paris) Wigs is a shoulder length bob with natural layers and side-swept fr..

$1,496.00 $1,271.60

Brandi by Amore

Brandi wig by Amore has extra long layers that are cut to frame the face and neck in an extremel..

$315.00 $267.75

Codi by Amore

Codi by Amore is a swingy chin length angled bob with side swept fringe that creates a simply beauti..

$295.00 $250.75

Codi XO by Amore

Codi XO by Amore is a swingy chin length angled bob with side swept fringe that creates a simply bea..

$363.00 $308.55

Connie by Amore

Connie by Amore is an incredibly low-maintenance style that's chic, sassy and flirty! The double..

$286.00 $243.10

Dixie by Amore

Dixie by Amore is an ultra light, short, semi-straight cut that tapers to a smooth nape.  The..

$260.00 $221.00

Emily by Amore

Emily by Amore is a face framing bob with tousled curl at the crown. The double monofilament top..

$298.00 $253.30

Erika by Amore

Erika by Amore is a chin-length sleek, smooth bob with razor cuts for a sharper,  more dist..

$298.00 $253.30

Erin by Amore

Erin wig by Amore is a transformational short bob with beveled fullness throughout nape and side..

$286.00 $243.10

Evanna Mono by Amore

This popular Rene of Paris style features salon finish beach wave curls that fall shoulder length. N..

$333.00 $283.05

Kimmie by Amore

Kimmie by Amore is a short, tousled style with lots of volume and texture that’s handmade for stylin..

$945.00 $803.25

Madelyn by Amore

Madelyn by Amore is a sleek and modern long-layered style with a full fringe. This classic and s..

$450.00 $382.50

Marley by Amore

Marley XO Plus by Amoré is a dramatic, steeply graduated bob with long fringe and a tapered nap..

$456.00 $387.60

Miranda by Amore

Miranda by Amore is a layered cut with a feathery fringe and glamorous volume.  The double ..

$302.00 $256.70

Natasha by Amore

Natasha by Amore has face-framing layers with a razor-edged nape that make this wig style the so..

$298.00 $253.30

Penelope XO by Amore

Penelope by Amore has touchable, tight ringlets that give luscious volume to this shoulder lengt..

$378.00 $321.30

Phoenix by Amore

Phoenix is a gorgeous new pixie cut with long side-fringe and textured, flipped ends for a carefree ..

$438.00 $372.30

Quinn by Amore

Quinn by Amore is a classic bob with fringe that can be worn to the side or straight. It's made wi..

$1,372.00 $1,166.56

Regan by Amore

Regan by Amore is a super sleek layered bob that's complemented by a natural side-swept fringe. ..

$298.00 $253.30

Reign by Amore

Reign by Amore is a gently curled layered bob that falls nearly to the shoulder, and has fringe that..

$415.00 $352.75

Rosie by Amore

Rosie by Amore is a sassy cut with a winning personality that's good tamed or tousled! The doubl..

$286.00 $243.10

Ryder by Amore

Ryder by Amore is a playful, flirty style that falls below the shoulder and has soft waves with a fu..

$421.00 $357.85

Sadie by Amore

Sadie wig by Amore is a dramatically angled bob with a tightly tapered nape and full fringe. The..

$417.00 $354.45

Samantha by Amore

Samantha wig by Amore is a shoulder length pageboy cut with chiseled ends and side-swept texture..

$298.00 $253.30

Stevie by Amore

Stevie by Amore has long flowing layers with a soft eyebrow length fringe and a sensuous essence..

$324.00 $275.40

Tatum by Amore

Tatum wig by Amore is a fashion forward straight look with center part and blunt fringe.  The..

$308.00 $261.80

Tiana XO by Amore

Tiana by Amore is a flattering tapered style with a long asymmetric fringe. The new XO line has ..

$366.00 $295.80

Tova by Amore

Tova by Amore is a highly flattering cropped pixie that has textured layers and feminine style w..

$282.00 $239.70

Vada by Amore

Vada by Amore is a sleek bob framing the chin with a bang that can be worn straight or to the side. ..

$411.00 $349.35

Veronica by Amore

Veronica by Amore is classic bob wig style made of synthetic hair. Featuring a short, precut ready..

$555.00 $471.75

Brittany by Amore

Brittany wig by Amore is a long curly style with double monofilament cap construction. Brittany ..

$311.00 $264.35