The Truth about Sexy Post-Mastectomy Bras

Posted by Cheryl 10/08/2015 55 Comment(s)

Gorgeous & Sexy Post-Mastectomy Bras


After a mastectomy, breast forms and bras are covered by Medicare and other insurance programs, just as any other prosthesis would be covered.  The maximum reimbursable amount varies by U.S. region, but what is the same nationwide is that stores that accept insurance payments (assignment) must accept the insurance payment as "payment in full" and cannot charge the customer any overage amount of the bra's cost that isn't being reimbursed. Therefore, most stores or facilities will only offer bras that they won’t lose money on. Insurance does have to pay for a bra to hold the breast form(s) stable, secure and safely against the body, but they don’t have to pay extra for the bras to be designer-made, lacy, jewel-studded, sexy or gorgeous.


This leads to the misconception that because women aren’t being offered gorgeous and sexy post-mastectomy bras when they're being fitted, that these types of mastectomy bras don’t exist. I once followed a huge Facebook conversation petitioning Victoria’s Secret to make mastectomy bras. There were literally tens of thousands of signatures for Victoria's Secret to re-think their decision not to sell post-mastectomy bras. I recently read a news item about a new Stella McCartney design for a post-mastectomy bra, and she was quoted as saying "we wanted to bring something feminine and beautiful into a bra that is taboo". There are many other lines of lingerie that I've seen in my search for the lines we would carry, and I heard the same thing time and time again: “when we saw what bras are available for women after a mastectomy, we knew we needed to bring fashion to the industry.” 

I agree wholeheartedly that women post-mastectomy should have gorgeous, sexy bras. And I embrace the companies that make them and offer so many choices. But let me be clear:  gorgeous and sexy post-mastectomy bras are already out there!  This is not a new thing, and there certainly isn't a hole in the industry. But if the price is too high for insurance to cover, they won’t be offered by stores or facilities that bill insurance. Those facilities would have to eat the costs that insurance wouldn't pay, and this would quickly put them out of business.


Be sure to have your fitter fit you with the insurance-covered bras that you are entitled to!  But when you want a sexy, special occasion bra, you can shop with us. We carry gorgeous and sexy bras made by Anita that has been making bras for 125 years. These European-made bras are extremely well made, and are available in sizes from 28B to 50D, and some with cup sizes up to F.  As a 100 percent family-owned company, Anita owns all of their production sites around the world and operates each production plant in accordance with the highest standards so their employees around the world work in a great working environment, translating into the highest quality products.


Check out our gorgeous selection of Anita post-mastectomy bras


If you need assistance with fit, please contact us at (844) PINKEE2 or by writing [email protected]

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