Finding the Right Jon Renau Topper for your Hair Loss

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When choosing a topper (hairpiece), it's important to evaluate your hair loss area(s) and how and where the topper will sit on the head. The topper's clips will need to sit in an area where there is enough hair, and where the hair is strong enough to hold the hairpiece securely.  Toppers have clips in different areas. Some toppers, such as the Jon Renau's Top Secret and Top Style clip just below the crown, others clip at the top of the head near the part.


It's also important to know that the smaller the base of the hairpiece, the less hair the hairpiece will have, and the less coverage it will provide. That seems an obvious point, but keep it in mind. Much like a needlepoint canvas, which would use more floss to cover a larger canvas, there will be more hair sewn to the base of the larger base toppers, giving you more hair in addition to additional coverage. 


Some toppers, such as EasiFringe, are designed to add bangs without having to commit to cutting hair, and are not recommended to cover hair loss. The very popular EasiPart is more of a volumizer than a hairpiece to cover hair loss, though if the hair loss is very minimal at the part, and in the earliest stage of hair loss, it would work perfectly! 








The Jon Renau Topper Collection

The images below show all of the toppers in Jon Renau's collection. Each diagram shows clip location, head placement, recommended hair loss stage, base size, hair fiber type (synthetic, high heat synthetic, remy human hair), length, and curl pattern (wavy or straight).  Some pieces, such as the EasiPart, are available in both high heat synthetic and remy human hair, and many are available in multiple hair lengths. All of this information is located on each diagram.










Fiber Type


Most of Jon Renau's hairpieces/toppers are available in both Synthetic and Remy Human Hair (but they'll have a different name), so the hair fiber is also noted on each piece of the above chart. The EasiPart and EasiFringe are available in both Remy Human Hair and a Heat-Styleable (Heat Defiant) synthetic, which is called "HD", or "High Heat Fiber".  At the time of this writing, these pieces are the only Jon Renau toppers that are available in a heat-styleable synthetic fiber. If a client wants hair loss coverage in a heat-styleable synthetic, the best option would be the EasiPart HD XL, which is a pear-shaped piece that gives coverage in the front, along the part, and at the crown.

Finding the Right Color


Without a doubt, the hardest part of shopping online for a topper is matching one to your hair. It is harder than color-matching for wigs, because you'll need to try to match your own color so that it will blend as well as possible. For this reason, it is highly recommended that clients know their color code before shopping online. Even the image swatches online can be difficult to use to find a match. Sending photos through messages will also be next to impossible to match with certainty due to original lighting in the photo, and the monitor color settings on both ends of the email transmission that can have a color look totally different on two computers. For this reason, I highly recommend only purchasing a topper or hairpiece when you already know your color code, which you can usually learn by purchasing one first from your local wig boutique. Once you know your color code, you're good to go with online shopping!  But, do bear in mind that a color code in human hair will not look the same as that color on synthetic fiber.  There will be similarities, but the different fibers will take the colors differently. So if you love 12FS8 in synthetic, and want to try a Remy Human Hair topper, be prepared for the color to look quite different!

We're here to help!


Hairpieces empower women with hair loss to feel beautiful inside and out, gaining confidence and improving social activity and peace of mind. We hope this guide has helped to highlight the many Jon Renau hair loss solutions available. If you have any questions or need assistance picking your topper, contact us at [email protected].  All of Jon Renau's toppers shown here, and their full line of wigs and hair care products are available at


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Constance Troia:
12/03/2018, 04:06:59 PM, Google

Hi, got my hair buzzed cut today. Can those be worn with full head topper? Just can't wear the monofilament wigs. You got anything human and affordable? Not sure with my hair being so short if i would be able to wear a topper? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, Connie

Lana Roads:
09/12/2023, 10:12:31 PM,

When selecting a Jon Renau topper for hair loss, consider clip placement based on your hair's strength. Larger base toppers offer more coverage, while options like EasiFringe add bangs but aren't for extensive loss. EasiPart adds volume and suits early-stage part loss.

Riley Read:

Selecting a Jon Renau topper for hair loss depends on clip placement, base size, and intended purpose. Ensure clips can anchor in areas with enough hair. Larger bases offer more hair and coverage. Some toppers, like EasiFringe, add bangs, while EasiPart adds volume and suits early-stage part hair loss.

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