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Amaretto by BelleTress

Amaretto is a headful of soft, tousled waves that land just above the collarbone. With a deep side p..

$283.35 $240.85

Americana by BelleTress

Super feminine and soft, Americana's big curls are ready to wear right out of the box. No need t..

$355.35 $302.05

Arabica by BelleTress

With full-bodied curls and beautifully bouncy bangs, Arabica is a fully styled ready-to-wear glam ..

$286.35 $243.40

Bellissima by BelleTress

The latest and modern version of timeless bob. Premium lace front and mono part with a precise layer..

$265.35 $225.55

Biscotti Babe by BelleTress

Featuring the Hot Hot Hot deconstructed wave, Biscotti Babe is ready to wear right out of the bo..

$298.35 $253.60

Bonbon by BelleTress

This chin-grazing, wavy bob is textured in all the right places to give an edgy everyday hairstyle..

$283.35 $240.85

Cafe Chic by BelleTress

Cafe Chic falls right below the chin. The razor cut ends give an edgy look to this stylish bob.Featu..

$250.35 $212.80

Cold Brew Chic by BelleTress

Cold Brew Chic is a sleek straight bob that is the epitome of elegance and cool. This layered bob ..

$298.35 $253.60

Columbia by BelleTress

Columbia's beach waves are the hottest look this season.  Falling just past the shoulder, t..

$286.35 $243.40

Cortado Cut by BelleTress

Cortado Cut delivers a wispy bang, textured layers, and beautifully tapered neckline with modern spi..

$283.35 $204.72

Double Shot Bob by BelleTress

Double Shot Bob is a compact layered bob that falls just above the shoulders. Rounded side bangs fra..

$502.35 $427.00

French Curl by BelleTress

French Curl has full spirals in a playful and elegant long style. The romantic ringlets immediately..

$499.35 $424.45

House Blend by BelleTress

A very full, feminine style that looks great dressed down or wear it for a big night out on the ..

$283.35 $240.85

Intoxicating Spice by BelleTress

Intoxicating Spice is a sexy wig for fearless fashion glam goddesses! This hairstyle pairs a class..

$385.35 $327.55

Irish Coffee by BelleTress

This spunky, vivacious, short little cut has a monofilament part and lace front to help achieve a su..

$283.35 $240.85

Italian Roast by BelleTress

Well-placed layers, modern styling and a striking shape make this a one-of-a-kind look. The layers..

$286.35 $243.40

Kahlua by BelleTress

Kahlua by BelleTress is a soft, textured, short cut that's full of waves and soft curls. She feature..

$283.35 $240.85

Kona by BelleTress

Kona is a deconstructed wave that's all the rage in fashion today in an easy-to-wear shoulder-length..

$283.35 $240.85

Lady Latte by BelleTress

Lady Latte is a classic soft bob that falls just above the shoulders. When your looking for a hairst..

$295.35 $251.05

Libbylou by BelleTress

This modern pixie with razored layers has just the right amount of edge. This ready-to-wear look has..

$265.35 $225.55

M&M by BelleTress

M&M brings back the glamour from the Marilyn Monroe days of Hollywood! This style is the ultimat..

$250.35 $212.80

Maxwella 18 by BelleTress

This Hollywood glam look has a luxurious hand tied monofilament top that allows you to move the part..

$385.35 $327.55

Maxwella 22 by BelleTress

This Hollywood glam look has a luxurious hand tied monofilament top that allows you to move the part..

$445.00 $378.50

Mimosa by BelleTress

Mimosa is a face flattering bob with feathered layers and razor-cut wispy ends around the face. This..

$265.35 $225.55

Miss Macchiato by BelleTress

Miss Macchiato is a short bob with a large flipped bottom! Long 7" bangs can be worn side-swept or t..

$217.35 $184.75

Nikki by BelleTress

Nikki by BelleTress is a short and spiky style that features a 100% hand-tied lace front and a monof..

$283.35 $240.85

Peppermint by BelleTress

Peppermint is layered to perfection with feathery front layers that help to frame the face and add..

$268.35 $228.10

Pure Honey by BelleTress

Pure Honey by BelleTress is a long, seductive style with corkscrew curls and waves that ca..

$385.35 $327.55

Rose Ella by BelleTress

This look has long beach waves that represent the classic California girl attitude. Carefree, fun ..

$298.35 $253.60

Signature Shot by BelleTress

Signature Shot is a romantic cut made with a lace front hairline. Precise layered tips toward the ..

$355.35 $302.05

Straight Press 18 by BelleTress

Straight Press 18 is a straight cut with light layering that gives a fresh blow out look. Thi..

$355.35 $302.05

Straight Press 23 by BelleTress

Straight Press 23 is the sister wig to Straight Press 18, another straight cut with light layer..

$415.35 $353.05

Sugar Rush by BelleTress

Sugar Rush is an uneven layered style to emphasize a carefree spontaneity. This wig is made with a..

$385.35 $327.55

Sumatra by BelleTress

Sumatra is the ultimate Hollywood glam look. Get red-carpet ready with this long 1940's inspired s..

$415.35 $353.05

Tea Leaf Layer by BelleTress

Tea Leaf is a comfortable layered cut that falls softly past the shoulders for a simple graceful l..

$496.35 $421.90

Tia Maria by BelleTress

Tia Maria by BelleTress is a short A-line, wavy, layered bob that features a 100% hand-tied lace fro..

$283.35 $240.85