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Michaela by Envy Wigs

Michaela by Envy is a short, layered, and rounded pixie cut synthetic wig. The crown layers are full..

$200.00 $160.00

Micki by Envy Wigs

Micki by Envy Wigs offers lace front and monofilament top construction for this lightweight wig. Mic..

$280.00 $224.00

Mila by Envy Wigs

Mila by Envy is a lovely, shoulder-length shag with face-framing layers that compliment any age and ..

$165.00 $132.00

Miley by Envy Wigs

Miley by Envy is a short, modern style with lots of attitude. This edgy-glam look takes choppy layer..

$181.00 $144.80

Monique by Envy Wigs

Monique Wig by Envy Wigs is a long straight and layered lace front wig. It proves that long hair is ..

$240.00 $192.00

Nadia by Envy Wigs

Nadia by Envy Wigs is a long style with perfect layers and flipped up ends; which gives this style a..

$185.00 $148.00

Naomi by Envy Wigs

Get a little sporty with The Naomi Wig by Envy! The Lace Front construction means you can sweep the ..

$215.00 $172.00

Nieci by Envy Wigs

Nieci has asymmetrical layering with long, brow-skimming bangs for a classy sophisticated look. A to..

$155.00 $124.00

Penelope by Envy Wigs

Penelope by Envy Wigs is a layered short pixie cut that will always be a staple in hair fashion. Ope..

$130.00 $104.00

Petite Paige by Envy Wigs

Petite Paige by Envy Wigs is a timeless classic bob cut pageboy style suitable for many ages and fac..

$175.00 $140.00

Petite Tiffany Mono by Envy Wigs

Tiffany Petite by Envy is a short, layered, and pixie cut synthetic wig. You can style it smooth and..

$325.00 $260.00

Roxie by Envy Wigs

Roxie by Envy Wigs is a beautiful 100% hand-tied long layered wig. Roxie has soft textured layers al..

$430.00 $344.00

Rylee by Envy Wigs

Rylee by Envy Wigs is a classic medium-length to long style wig with soft curled layers throughout t..

$310.00 $248.00

Sabrina by Envy Wigs

Sabrina Wig by Envy has face-framing layers and flipped out ends add a touch of whimsy to any wardro..

$690.00 $552.00

Savannah by Envy Wigs

Savannah by Envy is a short, layered, and voluminous synthetic wig. The full hand-tied monofilament ..

$280.00 $224.00

Scarlett by Envy Wigs

Scarlett by Envy Wigs best defines the modern take on a classic bob. Scarlett is sleek, smooth and c..

$165.00 $132.00

Shari by Envy Wigs

Shari by Envy is a short, trendy, and chic synthetic wig. You can shake it and wear it tousled or sm..

$155.00 $124.00

Sheena by Envy Wigs

Sheena by Envy is a long, layered, and edgy synthetic wig. With almost 16 inches of long layered loc..

$310.00 $248.00

Sheila by Envy Wigs

Sheila by Envy Wigs is a modern take on a classic bob style. This chic coif boasts soft layers and a..

$155.00 $124.00

Shyla by Envy Wigs

Shyla by Envy is a short, angled, and modern wig. The choppy side bang can be cut or trimmed by your..

$900.00 $720.00

Sophia by Envy Wigs

Sophia by Envy is a long blunt cut human hair wig. It can be worn with layers, bangs or as-is in s..

$1,095.00 $876.00

Tamara by Envy Wigs

Marita is bold, texturized styling at its finest. Feathered layers give it a voluminous look that ca..

$275.00 $220.00

Tara by Envy Wigs

Tara by Envy is a short, layered, and lightly textured synthetic wig. You can wear it layered and me..

$155.00 $124.00

Taryn by Envy Wigs

Taryn by Envy is a long, sleek, and modern wig with a blunt bang. The full hand-tied monofilament to..

$900.00 $720.00

Tasha by Envy Wigs

Tasha by Envy Wigs is a 100% hand-tied short page style bob. Tasha has beautifully textured soft lay..

$395.00 $316.00

Taylor by Envy Wigs

Taylor by Envy Wigs gives a new twist to a fashion staple in this shoulder length layered bob style...

$300.00 $240.00

Tiffany by Envy Wigs

Tiffany by Envy Wigs is a short boy cut style. The soft tapered layers create weightless volume and ..

$175.00 $140.00

Tina by Envy Wigs

Tina by Envy Wigs offers soft layers and added body with this neckline hugging casual style. This pi..

$280.00 $224.00

Veronica by Envy Wigs

Looking for the drama and stylability of a longer wig? The Veronica Wig by Envy is made from exclusi..

$1,500.00 $1,200.00

Victoria by Envy Wigs

Victoria by Envy Wigs is a short shag style with tapered neckline and swirling waves of soft curls o..

$145.00 $116.00

Zoey by Envy Wigs

Nothing says class like the Zoey Wig by Envy with her side-swept, shoulder-length locks. Her Mono To..

$1,045.00 $836.00