Post-mastectomy Bras

Post-mastectomy Bras

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Abra Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Abra offers perfect concealment while providing exceptional support throughout the entire bra, with ..


Aerelle Mastectomy Bra by Anita

One of Anita's most popular styles, Aerelle is made of lightweight, soft microfiber and offers firm ..


Alexandra Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Alexandra is Trulife's number one selling seamless style and features a full coverage foam cup that ..


Annica Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Annica is a front-closure bra that is perfect for those with mobility problems and/o..


Audrey Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

A favorite in our seamless category! Its elegant look and seamless underwire cup with mold-to-body..


Barbara Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Trulife's best-selling style! Four core and several fashion colors make this a favorite. This seamed..


Bethany Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

No more struggles with difficult to reach hooks! The front and back closures of this lovely lace acc..


Camy Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Camy is an initial post-operative bra with bilateral pockets. It has a cleverly designed lace insert..


Caroll Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Caroll is a beautiful, fashionable mastectomy ..


Charlotte Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

This super-comfortable microfiber stretch soft cup is ideal for post-surgery and leisure wear. The f..


Clara Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Clara is an elegant, fine microfiber bra with wonderfully simple styling with pockets made of sk..


Clara Seamless Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Minimalist but still effective! This snug seamless comfort bra features impressive styling. Adju..


Daniela Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Multiway convertible style with an elegant dotted mesh overlay for a touch of luxury and fashion, ac..


Diana Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

The twin sister to 4033 Daniela bra features non-removable straps. This favorite seamless and full c..


Ella Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Romantic flower embroidery lends Ella a youthful appeal with sophisticated style. Material/De..


Ella Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Trulife's popular cotton-rich seamless cup bra offers a smooth profile, and comfortable all-day wear..


Esther Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Esther is a bra with nostalgic lace and a lightweight, sporty look. Very comfortable d..


Fleur Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Sassy design, pleasant comfort! The FLEUR special bra is an absolute eye-catcher t..


Gabriella Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

The soft, rose-embossed fabric of this soft cup style provides feminine beauty and a flirtatious loo..


Irene Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Trulife's best-selling support bra is accented with beautiful classic lace with full support soft cu..


Isabel Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Opt for a feminine look underneath it all with Trulife's scalloped embroidered lace softcup style. T..


Isra Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Practical front-fastening bra that is a good initial post surgery bra and is comfort..


Jennifer Camisole with Drain Pouches by Trulife

This super soft and best quality camisole is easy to get on and off with its step-in design. The bea..


Jessica Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

An absolute favorite for its fashionable and preferred style featuring a built-in lacy camisole pane..


Kate Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

Preferred style in our support category! Get the uplift, comfort and support needed with this M-fram..


Lana Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

This seamless and supportive underwire bra with pretty jacquard microfiber is lightly textured with ..


Leah Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

This smooth seamless style with fashion forward front double straps provides an appealing, supportiv..


Lexi Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

The preferred molded cup bra with a brand new look! This beautiful seamless style features a full co..


Lily Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

This silky-soft allover microfiber fabric feels exceptionally comfortable for that all-day comfort. ..


Lisa Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Jacquard fabric with a fleecy soft microfibre yarn - these are the unique hallmarks of mastectomy ..


Livia Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Elegant appearance with attractive lace on the upper cup and embroidery around the neckline...


Livia X-Small Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Elegant appearance with attractive lace on the upper cup and embroidery around the neckl..


Malia Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Malia combines a brilliant Swarovski crystal with a p..


Mandy Mastectomy Bra by Trulife

This perfect three-quarter length soft cup style boasts criss-cross support bands in the back for gr..


Mona Mastectomy Bra by Anita

Stretch lace, padded with fiberfill. Pockets in microfiber tulle. Perfect concealment - prosthesis d..


Nastasja Mastectomy Bra by Anita

In stretch jacquard microfiber for a luxurious appearance and shaping effect with supporting materia..