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Dena by Envy Wigs

The Dena Wig by Envy is made from Envy's exclusive Envyhair, human hair/synthetic blend. Dena's nape..

$875.00 $700.00

Denise by Envy Wigs

Denise by Envy Wigs is a smart fashion forward tapered wedge style with lace front construction offe..

$215.00 $172.00

Destiny by Envy Wigs

With her classic pixie cut and sassy, piecey bangs, the Destiny Wig by Envy will always be in style...

$800.00 $640.00

Elle by Envy Wigs

Elle by Envy Wigs is a mid-length boy cut style that is contemporary, fashionable and versatility in..

$145.00 $116.00

Eve by Envy Wigs

Nothing says sophistication quite like a classic bob. The Eve Wig by Envy is a sleek, timeless silho..

$285.00 $228.00

Francesca by Envy Wigs

Francesca by Envy Wigs is a short wig that is always a fashion statement and never out of style. Thi..

$155.00 $124.00

Genny by Envy Wigs

Genny wig by Envy Wigs is a textured short pixie style. Sassy razored layers throughout the cut crea..

$280.00 $224.00

Gigi by Envy Wigs

Gigi is the girl next door meets modern fashion guru with long, gentle layers, flared ends, and wisp..

$280.00 $224.00

Grace by Envy Wigs

With her thick, side-swept bangs and long, face-framing layers, the Grace Wig by Envy is a classic s..

$900.00 $720.00

Haley by Envy Wigs

Haley by Envy Wigs takes strategically placed layering to offer movement and ease of styling. Shake ..

$275.00 $220.00

Hannah by Envy Wigs

Hannah by Envy is an asymmetrical bob with heavy front fringe. This human hair wig offers fabulous..

$850.00 $680.00

Harper by Envy Wigs

The Harper Wig by Envy is a dramatic angled bob with unconstructed beach waves that add layers of so..

$290.00 $232.00

Heather by Envy Wigs

Soft, wispy layers on this pretty pixie make Heather by Envy wigs extra feminine. We recommend styl..

$725.00 $580.00

Jacqueline by Envy Wigs

An ultra-modern pixie that is short on length, but generous on volume, Jacqueline is the essence of ..

$155.00 $124.00

Jade by Envy Wigs

Jade by Envy is a wavy mid-length style that has soft natural curls with lots of volume for those wa..

$280.00 $224.00

Jamie by Envy Wigs

Jamie is a sassy, classic pixie with short, all over layers and a little boost of volume at the crow..

$155.00 $124.00

Jasmine by Envy Wigs

Jasmine by Envy is a mid-length, smooth, and layered synthetic wig. The full hand-tied monofilament ..

$280.00 $224.00

Jeannie by Envy Wigs

Jeannie Wig by Envy has hand tied features with monofilament top construction and a lace front. This..

$280.00 $224.00

Jo Anne by Envy Wigs

JoAnne by Envy Wigs is a short pixie cut with a lightweight monofilament top. JoAnne has layers that..

$225.00 $180.00

Kaitlyn by Envy Wigs

Kaitlyn by Envy is a short, trendy, and curly synthetic wig. You can shake it and wear it tousled or..

$155.00 $124.00

Kellie by Envy Wigs

Kellie by Envy Wigs is a short cut shag with loads of volume. Short layers at the crown create fulln..

$275.00 $220.00

Kelsey by Envy Wigs

As if the asymmetric, angled styling didn't add enough drama to this fashion-forward style, Kelsey '..

$170.00 $136.00

Kenya by Envy Wigs

Kenya Wig by Envy has tons of unconstructed curls that will last all day in this chin-length free-fo..

$175.00 $140.00

Kimberly by Envy Wigs

Kimberly by Envy Wigs is a 100% hand-tied angled bob that has an edgy uneven razor cut. A flatteri..

$410.00 $328.00

Kitana by Envy Wigs

Kitana wig by Envy Wigs is a classic short textured cut. Razored layers create volume and lift at th..

$260.00 $208.00

Kris by Envy Wigs

Kris by Envy is a short and chic wig, designed to offer a pixie style at its best. The long bangs ar..

$180.00 $144.00

Kylie by Envy Wigs

Kylie is a textured and layered style with beautiful face-framing features. The full hand-tied monof..

$775.00 $620.00

Lacey by Envy Wigs

Face-framing layers in a wavy, chin-length bob make Lacey the envy of all she meets. And her Open To..

$170.00 $136.00

Leyla by Envy Wigs

Leyla by Envy Wigs has razor edges and soft subtle bangs that will frame your face with this cutting..

$260.00 $208.00

Lynsey by Envy Wigs

Lynsey by Envy Wigs is a head-turning bob that's both natural and completely beautiful.  This l..

$650.00 $520.00

Macey by Envy Wigs

The Macey Wig by Envy offers a bouncy, curly style any woman would die for. It is short, spunky, and..

$650.00 $520.00

Madison by Envy Wigs

Madison by Envy Wigs is a long straight style that offers cutting edge styling with face framing lay..

$300.00 $240.00

Marita by Envy Wigs

Marita is bold, texturized styling at its finest. Feathered layers give it a voluminous look that ca..

$275.00 $220.00

Maya by Envy Wigs

The Maya Wig by Envy is a lengthy stunner that is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Her glossy, cascading wav..

$320.00 $256.00

McKenzie by Envy Wigs

McKenzie wig by Envy Wigs is a classic long straight layered style. Monofilament part gives the appe..

$310.00 $248.00

Megan by Envy Wigs

Megan by Envy is a short, asymmetrical, and layered synthetic wig. The full hand-tied monofilament t..

$280.00 $224.00