Steepware - Hot Brew

Steepware - Hot Brew

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Manatea Tea Infuser

The Manatea wants to brew you a nice cup of tea and share a slow, calm, relaxing moment. The infuser..


Mr. Tea Tea Infuser

I pity the fool who don't buy this tea infuser!  Mr. Tea will help you brew a nice cup of tea a..


Sharky Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

The Shark Tea Infuser is a tea strainer that can be used in a cup, mug or pitcher. Just fill with ..


Teath The Shark Tea Infuser

Teath, the shark tea infuser is anything but scary!  He'll help you brew a nice cup of tea and ..


Tuffy Steeper

TUFFY TEA STEEPER is our silicone tea infuser designed for travel, easy storage, and making loose ..