Syntress Collection by Gemtress

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Blazing Star by Syntress -20%

Blazing Star by Syntress

Blazing Star is a gorgeous long layered wig with a full double mono top and lace front. Syntress fib..

$360.94 $287.75

Camellia by Syntress -20%

Camellia by Syntress

Camellia is a short bob with a double mono top and a very soft cap construction for those with sensi..

$347.66 $277.12

Daffodil by Syntress -20%

Daffodil by Syntress

Daffodil is a slightly A-line bob with a light density which helps the wig look natural and not "wig..

$502.34 $400.88

Gardenia by Syntress -15%

Gardenia by Syntress

Gardenia embodies the short classic style with visionary elegance. This design was created to delive..

$144.53 $122.85

Heather by Syntress -20%

Heather by Syntress

 Heather gives you a lot of flexibility due to the variety of mixed fiber lengths on the top ar..

$413.28 $329.63

Lantana by Syntress -20%

Lantana by Syntress

Lantana is a mid-length style that falls just below the shoulders with soft waves and large barrel c..

$350.00 $279.00

Laurel by Syntress -20%

Laurel by Syntress

Laurel is a mid-length layered style with softly flipped ends that features a double mono top and a ..

$347.66 $277.12

Orchid by Syntress -20%

Orchid by Syntress

Orchid is a above-the-shoulder layered look full of soft curls and waves. Syntress fibers mimic huma..

$458.59 $366.88

Sunflower by Syntress -20%

Sunflower by Syntress

Sunflower is a short bob made of Syntress fibers which mimic human hair as closely as possible, howe..

$414.84 $330.88

Violet by Syntress -20%

Violet by Syntress

Violet is for the woman looking for easy style and comfort with that fringed look. The combination o..

$416.41 $332.13