Product Availability

Pinkee Promise has direct relationships with dozens of manufacturers including the largest in the compression, alternative hair and mastectomy bras and forms industries. We run a daily inventory Monday thru Friday to show only in-stock colors in all wigs and hair toppers, and in fact subtract 3 from our inventory to make sure we do not sell any backordered items. If a wig or topper is on our website and available for purchase, it is almost surely in stock and available -- though with very popular items, backorders are still possible as they may sell out over the course of the business day. If you'd like to double check on availability, write us at [email protected] and we can check on it before your order. If your color is not showing, it's very possible that since we subtract stock to avoid backorders, that there may be low inventory and the item is actually available. Write us if you'd like to check on ETA for any colors that are not showing on our website.