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Aria by Envy -15%

Aria by Envy

Combining rakish layering with wispy bangs, Aria's chic styling highlights your features beautifully..

$689.00 $585.65

Ava by Envy -15%

Ava by Envy

Looking for a longer 'do? Ava's lines are sleek with a touch of allure. You'll love the styling op..

$648.00 $550.80

Billie by Envy -15%

Billie by Envy

Billie from the EnvyHair Collection is the perfect pixie. This style has longer layers at the fr..

$1,064.00 $904.40

Emma by Envy -15%

Emma by Envy

The soft, face-framing waves of Emma's textured bob are the epitome of nontraditional chic. Roll wit..

$480.00 $408.00

Erica by Envy -15%

Erica by Envy

Oh, the versatility of luscious, long locks! Erica's cascading layers were made to style in mult..

$896.00 $761.60

Fiona by Envy -15%

Fiona by Envy

Fiona's perfectly cropped pixie appeals to the fearless leader in us all. Energetic and showy, she c..

$443.00 $376.55

Flame by Envy -15%

Flame by Envy

Sometimes a name just says it all. Flame's artfully teased and tousled 'do is lively as fire and c..

$664.00 $564.40

Isabella by Envy -15%

Isabella by Envy

Big is back! Bouncy layers and touchable curl give Isabella's bob the sassy style that really tu..

$808.00 $686.80

Jordan by Envy -15%

Jordan by Envy

Jordan's stylish, textured bob is the perfect way to get in on a current hairstyle trend, "The Chop"..

$471.00 $400.35

Krista by Envy -15%

Krista by Envy

Smile ear to ear in the salon-inspired Krista, featuring an ear-to-ear lace front mono top construct..

$1,127.00 $957.95

Lisa by Envy -15%

Lisa by Envy

The Lisa EnvyHair blend wig by Envy features a flattering, just-past-the-shoulder cut. The lace fron..

$1,576.00 $1,339.60

Olivia by Envy -15%

Olivia by Envy

There's nothing not to love about Olivia's masterfully spiked layers. Texture rules the day with thi..

$662.00 $562.70

Ophelia by Envy -15%

Ophelia by Envy

Embrace all that Envyhairâ„¢ has to offer with Ophelia's flirty and spectacularly spunky 'do. You ..

$662.00 $562.70

Paula by Envy -15%

Paula by Envy

Paula from the EnvyHair collection is a casual crop with unbeatable volume, movement, and a low-key ..

$1,263.00 $1,073.55

Selena by Envy -15%

Selena by Envy

Getting ready every morning will be a treat when you don Selena's glossy, shoulder-length waves. S..

$508.00 $431.80

Tandi by Envy -15%

Tandi by Envy

Is there anything more classic or more universally flattering than a bob?  Tandi by Envy offe..

$461.00 $391.85

Whitney by Envy -15%

Whitney by Envy

Show them your fun-loving side with Whitney's short and sassy coiffe. Use your heat-styling tools to..

$630.00 $535.50

Yuri by Envy -15%

Yuri by Envy

One part exotic and one part Red Carpet, Yuri makes a definitive statement with her neck-hugging tap..

$763.00 $648.55

Abbey by Envy Wigs -15%

Abbey by Envy Wigs

Abbey by Envy is a short, layered, and customizable wig. The full hand-tied monofilament top allows ..

$1,523.00 $1,294.55

Add-On Top by Envy -15%

Add-On Top by Envy

The Envy Hair Add-On Top is perfect for those who want more body and coverage for fine or thinning h..

$1,630.00 $1,385.50

Alana by Envy Wigs -15%

Alana by Envy Wigs

This long layered lace front style offers soft lush curls for a glammed up appearance. The wave and ..

$245.00 $208.25

Alyssa by Envy Wigs -15%

Alyssa by Envy Wigs

Alyssa by Envy Wigs is a fashion forward layered shag with bangs. Fluff it up or comb in closer for ..

$156.00 $132.60

Amber by Envy Wigs -15%

Amber by Envy Wigs

AMBER by Envy sports shoulder-length razored layers and bangs for a chic, contemporary cut. The virt..

$450.00 $382.50

Amelia by Envy Wigs -15%

Amelia by Envy Wigs

Amelia by Envy is a smart, sleek, jaw-length stunning bob. This human hair wig features slight lay..

$1,551.00 $1,318.35

Amy by Envy Wigs -15%

Amy by Envy Wigs

With its short, feminine shape and side-swept bangs, AMY by Envy offers a sophisticated way to get i..

$340.00 $289.00

Angel by Envy Wigs -15%

Angel by Envy Wigs

Angel is a chic and layered pixie with a girly twist. The face-framing layers gives her a feminine t..

$154.00 $130.90

Angie by Envy Wigs -15%

Angie by Envy Wigs

Angie by Envy Wigs is one of the most stylish and ready to wear lace front bob cut wigs available. A..

$344.00 $292.40

Ashley by Envy Wigs -20%

Ashley by Envy Wigs

Ashley by Envy Wigs is a medium length style with mega bounce. Ashley has soft open curls that are t..

$340.00 $272.00

Aubrey by Envy Wigs -15%

Aubrey by Envy Wigs

Soft, natural layers on this pretty pixie make Aubrey by Envy wigs easy and fun to wear. We recomme..

$1,172.00 $996.20

Belinda by Envy Wigs -15%

Belinda by Envy Wigs

Belinda by Envy is a fashionably layered style, made of mid-length, face framing angles in front and..

$324.00 $275.40

Bianca by Envy Wigs -15%

Bianca by Envy Wigs

The Bianca Wig by Envy has a long, side-swept bang and artfully messy curls that add an easy-breezy ..

$202.00 $171.70

Bobbi by Envy Wigs -15%

Bobbi by Envy Wigs

Bobbi by Envy Wigs is long layered style that offers sexy, soft movement. With these cascading layer..

$346.00 $294.10

Brianna by Envy Wigs -15%

Brianna by Envy Wigs

Brianna wig by Envy Wigs is a long lace front feminine wavy style. The long layered curl pattern is ..

$463.00 $393.55

Brittaney by Envy Wigs -15%

Brittaney by Envy Wigs

Brittaney by Envy is a loosely waved, long bob that's glamorous and ready to wear. The hand-tied lac..

$453.00 $385.05

Brooke by Envy Wigs -15%

Brooke by Envy Wigs

Brooke by Envy is a long, layered, and glamorous synthetic wig. The hand-tied lace in the front crea..

$353.00 $300.05

Bryn by Envy Wigs -15%

Bryn by Envy Wigs

Bryn by Envy Wigs is a classic short curled style with layering throughout that creates maximum volu..

$156.00 $132.60