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Advanced French by Raquel Welch

Long layers throughout the top and crown combine with loose textured lengths to create a completely ..

$199.00 $169.15

Big Time by Raquel Welch

This perfectly undone silhouette is the ideal combination of a bob and a shag cut.  Mid-length ..

$449.00 $381.65

Boost by Raquel Welch

Long sweeping layers on the top and sides blend with short textured layers in back for a no-fuss con..

$167.00 $141.95

Brave The Wave by Raquel Welch

Brave The Wave by Raquel Welch is punctuated by soft, gentle layering that accentuates the undu..

$315.00 $267.75

Calling All Compliments by Raquel Welch

Made with luxurious cuticle aligned 100% Remy hair, you'll turn up the volume in this modern short c..

$1,523.00 $1,294.55

Classic Cool by Raquel Welch

This softly textured cut is an updated classic page cut.  Light bangs and softly sculpted lengt..

$299.00 $254.15

Contessa by Raquel Welch

The leader of the pack has pure luxury and design. No look is off limits with Contessa from The Blac..

$2,999.00 $2,549.15

Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch

Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch is a short, boy cut long on style and fullness. Beautifully tap..

$419.00 $356.15

Editor's Pick by Raquel Welch

Romance the season with this modern look— tender waves and gently tousled layers! It's the newest ..

$449.00 $381.65

Flirt Alert by Raquel Welch

A chopped bob that's loaded with wave and movement, this flattering style includes an eyelash bang a..

$299.00 $254.15

Free Time by Raquel Welch

Soft, shoulder-skimming movement, turned up to the perfect volume. Glamorous and easy to wear. The u..

$489.00 $415.65

Glamour And More by Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch's longest style ever, made of 100% cuticle-aligned Remy human hair. The effect of a one..

$3,981.00 $3,383.85

Go For It by Raquel Welch

The Go For It Wig by Raquel Welch takes the classic “boy” cut and gives it a complete overhaul with ..

$239.00 $203.15

Grand Entrance by Raquel Welch

Long, softly waved layers in a luxurious length that cascades below mid-back give this breathtaking ..

$1,659.00 $1,410.15

High Fashion by Raquel Welch

"In a perfect world… we'd all wear couture." Raquel WelchPrecision cut, long straight layers trans..

$2,049.00 $1,741.65

High Profile by Raquel Welch

High Profile grazes just below the shoulder for a modern silhouette that all of your favorite celebr..

$1,575.00 $1,338.75

If You Dare by Raquel Welch

Dare to turn heads in a sophisticated and on-trend look. This above-the-shoulder layered bob is load..

$219.00 $186.15

Infatuation Elite by Raquel Welch

Infatuation Elite by Raquel Welch features razor tapered bangs that blend into long razor-cut l..

$503.00 $427.55

Longing For Long by Raquel Welch

One of Raquel Welch's longest layered shapes, this silhouette is loaded with tumbled, cascading wave..

$471.00 $400.35

Love Love Love by Raquel Welch

Love Love Love by Raquel Welch is for the woman who craves a longer length but seeks a softer, more ..

$315.00 $267.75

Maximum Impact by Raquel Welch

Maximum Impact is a web exclusive style from Raquel Welch!  This below-the-shoulder silhouette ..

$399.00 $339.15

Miles of Style by Raquel Welch

Miles of Style by Raquel Welch has long layers that fall to mid-back to create this full, flowing si..

$315.00 $267.75

On Point by Raquel Welch

The look of the season is this angled bob. A precise razor cut, a crisp center part…slightly retro, ..

$299.00 $254.15

On Your Game by Raquel Welch

It’s a win-win! This modern short cut has enough choppy length on top to give you a lift. And a litt..

$249.00 $211.65

Play It Straight by Raquel Welch

How sophisticated is this look? It's like the best haircut ever! How genius is this styling? Think..

$293.00 $249.05

Power by Raquel Welch

A short, spiky top with razor cut gives this closely cropped cut a cutting edge cadence.  Bold...

$167.00 $141.95

Princessa by Raquel Welch

Luxury takes a front row seat with this iconic hairstyle from The Black Label Collection by Raquel W..

$2,425.00 $2,061.25

Provocateur by Raquel Welch

"In a perfect world… we'd all wear couture." Raquel WelchWith 100% Remy human hair's unidirectiona..

$2,783.00 $2,365.55

Savoir Faire by Raquel Welch

"In a perfect world… we'd all wear couture." Raquel WelchExpect styling ease with cuticle aligned ..

$1,681.00 $1,428.85

Simmer by Raquel Welch

This light and airy style is an easy to wear mid-length "lob".  Gentle, unstructured waves and ..

$459.00 $390.15

Sparkle by Raquel Welch

Ready-to-wear right out of the box, this short, face-framing cut includes a smooth front and top t..

$157.00 $133.45

Sparkle Elite by Raquel Welch

This short, face-framing cut offers the same style and comfort features as our popular Sparkle wig w..

$419.00 $356.15

Spotlight by Raquel Welch

Loads of long layers that fall to mid-back define this soft, feminine cut. Wear it curly, barely w..

$419.00 $356.15

Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch

Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch gives you texture and movement, the inspiration for this blunt, to-th..

$239.00 $203.15

Straight Up With a Twist by Raquel Welch

"Hello Beautiful" with an uptown style that's up on modern glam and bangs that - happily - don't kno..

$449.00 $381.65

Success Story by Raquel Welch

So short, so chic. The 100% human hair can be tucked behind the ears and styled like a pixie or a sh..

$945.00 $803.25