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Brady by Estetica -10%

Brady by Estetica

Brady is an alluring pixie cut with a twist. She sports texturized layers and bangs, creating an ele..

$191.96 $173.00

Colleen by Estetica -10%

Colleen by Estetica

Colleen is full of fabulous spiral curls, has lots of volume and texture, and is a look that'..

$211.96 $191.00

Compliment by Estetica -10%

Compliment by Estetica

Compliment is a very flattering style with beautiful wavy layers and fullness throughout. Wear the..

$207.96 $187.00

Deena by Estetica -10%

Deena by Estetica

Deena is a fun and flirtatious style. Her stacked bob and side swept bangs give you just the right a..

$231.96 $209.00

Diamond by Estetica -10%

Diamond by Estetica

Diamond's layered sides add defining volume and movement that accentuate your best features. A nea..

$191.96 $173.00

Diana by Estetica -10%

Diana by Estetica

Diana is a ready-to-go look with short layers and wispy loose curls. Pick up a jar of Beauty Balm sh..

$171.96 $155.00

Ellen by Estetica -10%

Ellen by Estetica

It has never been easier to transition your look from work to play thanks to Ellen's incredible ve..

$207.96 $187.00

Emma by Estetica -10%

Emma by Estetica

The versatility of Emma's straight, sleek bob is all you need to finish off any look, and the mo..

$419.96 $378.00

Emmett by Estetica -10%

Emmett by Estetica

Cute, fresh and brimming with confidence, Emmett is a fun, lightweight pixie with natural dimension ..

$167.96 $151.00

Hallie by Estetica -10%

Hallie by Estetica

Charming and graceful, Hallie is a gorgeous feathered layered cut with loads of body, that ends ..

$239.96 $216.00

Heidi by Estetica -10%

Heidi by Estetica

Mess it up for a spiky look full of attitude or smooth it out for a more casual look. The choice i..

$191.96 $173.00

Hunter by Estetica -10%

Hunter by Estetica

Hunter is a fresh, fun bob with full bangs and texturized tousled locks. Designed with a mono crown,..

$235.96 $212.00

Jamie by Estetica -10%

Jamie by Estetica

Jamie is a must-have classic pixie. She's a chic style that's perfect for any occasion and easy to..

$163.96 $148.00

Jett by Estetica -10%

Jett by Estetica

Have fun with this Jett Wig by Estetica! She's a bold, asymmetric pixie featuring a sheer lace front..

$243.96 $220.00

Katie by Estetica -10%

Katie by Estetica

Katie is a wonderful wig for any age. She's a style that's full of soft curls creating that bouncy..

$167.96 $151.00

Mandy by Estetica -10%

Mandy by Estetica

Mandy is the perfect length to be both manageable and carelessly sexy, with gentle bangs, soft waves..

$195.96 $176.00

Meg by Estetica -10%

Meg by Estetica

Want a modern short cut that's youthful and playful? Meg is the perfect style for you! With her..

$255.96 $230.00

Nadia by Estetica -10%

Nadia by Estetica

Traditional doesn't have to mean boring. Nadia is a fresh update of a traditional style. Loose ope..

$167.96 $151.00

Petite Charm by Estetica -10%

Petite Charm by Estetica

Petite Charm is perfectly charming. Her smooth pageboy style is easy to wear and style for a look th..

$211.96 $191.00

Petite Coby by Estetica -10%

Petite Coby by Estetica

Petite Coby features a petite cap with a full monofilament top. Now you can have the ultimate char..

$403.96 $364.00

Petite Easton by Estetica -10%

Petite Easton by Estetica

Inspired by the popular Jett style, Petite Easton is a dynamic asymmetric pixie style with a full mo..

$415.96 $374.00

Petite Kate by Estetica -10%

Petite Kate by Estetica

This boy cut features layers that build extra volume in all of the right places. Finish it off wit..

$199.96 $180.00

Petite Nancy by Estetica -10%

Petite Nancy by Estetica

Estetica's best selling petite sized wig, Petite Nancy, has razored layers and short wispy bangs tha..

$191.96 $173.00

Petite Valerie by Estetica -10%

Petite Valerie by Estetica

Petite Valerie is a charming pixie style with beautiful soft curls. This simple, yet graceful pixi..

$251.96 $227.00

Rebecca by Estetica -10%

Rebecca by Estetica

Make a statement in this ultra feminine style. Full of striking layers and bold volume, Rebecca is..

$179.96 $162.00

Renae by Estetica --6%

Renae by Estetica

This cut shag has an open cap and is just 2.75 ounces so it's light and airy, plus it's short, b..

$163.96 $173.00

Sandra by Estetica -10%

Sandra by Estetica

Sandra is a short bob that features full bangs and layers, giving it a distinctive shape that embodi..

$415.96 $374.00

Shelby by Estetica -10%

Shelby by Estetica

This classic shag offers just the right amount of flattering volume and soft curls.Features:Cool, co..

$191.96 $173.00

Symone by Estetica -10%

Symone by Estetica

Featuring tons of volume and soft, loose curls with longer layers on the sides, Symone is a feminin..

$247.96 $223.00

True by Estetica -10%

True by Estetica

Chic and sophisticated, True is a short feathery layered cut that has loads of volume and wispy full..

$199.96 $180.00

Vikki by Estetica -10%

Vikki by Estetica

Go out and have some fun in this super cute pixie. Brush it out for a smooth sophisticated finish ..

$167.96 $151.00

Angela by Estetica -10%

Angela by Estetica

Angela is a spirited mid-length style that is full of layers and soft waves. Her gently flipped ..

$223.96 $202.00

Billie by Estetica -10%

Billie by Estetica

Looking for classic style and comfort that will never go out of style? Billie is for you! This sty..

$191.96 $173.00

Carina by Estetica -10%

Carina by Estetica

Funky, fun and full of volume. Carina is a spirited style that offers the ultimate in weightless com..

$175.96 $158.00

Charlee by Estetica -10%

Charlee by Estetica

Charlee is a modern, full-bodied pixie with lots of beautiful curls and just the right amount of w..

$191.96 $173.00

Cheri by Estetica -10%

Cheri by Estetica

Cheri is the pixie that in no way falls short on glamour and is sure to spice up any night out on ..

$195.96 $176.00