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Adriana by Jon Renau -15%

Adriana by Jon Renau

Gorgeous, long, wavy layers embody classic femininity. With a lace front and hand-tied monofilamen..

$473.60 $402.56

Alexandra Mono by WigPro -7%

Alexandra Mono by WigPro

ALL WIG PRO WIGS ARE FINAL SALE -- NO RETURNSAlexandra Mono by Wig Pro is a silky smooth, long layer..

$1,662.00 $1,553.00

Angelique by Jon Renau -15%

Angelique by Jon Renau

Straight, long layered tresses and soft bangs of this wig will impress everyone! Plus, O'solite co..

$160.00 $136.00

Ava by Envy -15%

Ava by Envy

Looking for a longer ‘do? Ava’s lines are sleek with a touch of allure. You’ll love the styling op..

$475.00 $403.75

Becky by Estetica -10%

Becky by Estetica

Long, glamorous, beachy waves will make you forget all about whatever's on your mind. Becky's beau..

$147.96 $133.16

Christina 100% Hand-Tied by WigPro -15%

Christina 100% Hand-Tied by WigPro

ALL WIG PRO WIGS ARE FINAL SALE -- NO RETURNSChristina by Wig Pro is wig design at its finest. This ..

$2,250.00 $1,903.00

Colleen by Estetica -10%

Colleen by Estetica

Colleen is full of fabulous spiral curls, has lots of volume and texture, and is a look that'..

$191.96 $172.76

Diamond by Estetica -10%

Diamond by Estetica

Diamond's layered sides add defining volume and movement that accentuate your best features. A nea..

$167.96 $151.16

Diana by Estetica -10%

Diana by Estetica

Diana is a ready-to-go look with short layers and wispy loose curls. Pick up a jar of Beauty Balm sh..

$139.96 $125.96

Diva 100% Hand-Tied by WigPro -23%

Diva 100% Hand-Tied by WigPro

ALL WIG PRO WIGS ARE FINAL SALE -- NO RETURNSDiva's stylish long layers allow endless styling opti..

$2,597.00 $1,998.00

Drew by Estetica

Drew Wig by Estetica Designs is a medium length layered cut with soft curls and side swept bangs.&nb..


Evette by Estetica -10%

Evette by Estetica

She's fun, flirty, and full of charisma! Complete with bangs and stunning layers this style offers..

$179.96 $161.96

Gisele by Jon Renau -15%

Gisele by Jon Renau

With gorgeous, long wavy layers, this SmartLace wig gives you model tresses. Enjoy endless styling o..

$371.20 $315.52

Hallie by Estetica -10%

Hallie by Estetica

Charming and graceful, Hallie is a gorgeous feathered layered cut with loads of body, that ends ..

$215.96 $194.36

Heidi by Estetica -10%

Heidi by Estetica

Mess it up for a spiky look full of attitude or smooth it out for a more casual look. The choice i..

$159.96 $143.96

Janet Mono by WigPro -26%

Janet Mono by WigPro

ALL WIG PRO WIGS ARE FINAL SALE -- NO RETURNSJanet by Wig Pro makes it affordable to own a genuine R..

$980.00 $723.00

Jessica by Estetica -10%

Jessica by Estetica

Best selling style, Jessica, has just the right amount of volume and offers an abundance of gorgeo..

$147.96 $133.16

Kaia by Jon Renau -15%

Kaia by Jon Renau

Go glam with cascading long layers that fall well below the shoulders. The SmartLace hairline and ha..

$496.00 $421.60

Katie by Estetica -10%

Katie by Estetica

Katie is a wonderful wig for any age. She's a style that's full of soft curls creating that bouncy..

$139.96 $125.96

Kimmie by Amore -15%

Kimmie by Amore

Kimmie by Amore is a short, tousled style with lots of volume and texture that’s handmade for stylin..

$945.00 $803.25

Liz B Mono by WigPro -7%

Liz B Mono by WigPro

ALL WIG PRO WIGS ARE FINAL SALE -- NO RETURNSLiz B by Wig Pro is a long and lovely style with fresh,..

$1,497.00 $1,398.00

Mandy by Estetica -10%

Mandy by Estetica

Mandy is the perfect length to be both manageable and carelessly sexy, with gentle bangs, soft waves..

$171.96 $154.76

Medi-Tach 100% Hand-Tied by WigPro -15%

Medi-Tach 100% Hand-Tied by WigPro

ALL WIG PRO WIGS ARE FINAL SALE -- NO RETURNSMedi-Tach by Wig Pro is the perfect answer to medical h..

$1,774.00 $1,500.00

Meg by Estetica -10%

Meg by Estetica

Want a modern short cut that's youthful and playful? Meg is the perfect style for you! With her..

$227.96 $205.16

Mid-Layered Shag by TressAllure -15%

Mid-Layered Shag by TressAllure

Wavy Mid-Layered Shag by TressAllure (formerly Primrose) is a flippy collar-length shag with a light..

$429.00 $364.65

Monika by Estetica -10%

Monika by Estetica

The flippy shag is here to stay! Monika is a pretty layered shaggy bob with flipped ends. She ha..

$247.96 $223.16

Nadia by Estetica -10%

Nadia by Estetica

Traditional doesn't have to mean boring. Nadia is a fresh update of a traditional style. Loose ope..

$139.96 $125.96

Natalie by Estetica -10%

Natalie by Estetica

Beautiful luscious layers and soft delicate bangs are what make Natalie a timeless beauty. This st..

$175.96 $158.36

Natasha by Amore -15%

Natasha by Amore

Natasha by Amore has face-framing layers with a razor-edged nape that make this wig style the so..

$298.00 $253.30

Peace by Estetica -10%

Peace by Estetica

Peace's beautiful long layers pair perfectly with loose, elegant curls for a salon-ready look in sec..

$159.96 $143.96

Rebecca by Estetica -10%

Rebecca by Estetica

Make a statement in this ultra feminine style. Full of striking layers and bold volume, Rebecca is..

$155.96 $140.36

Renae by Estetica -10%

Renae by Estetica

This cut shag has an open cap and is just 2.75 ounces so it's light and airy, plus it's short, b..

$143.96 $129.56

Rosa by Estetica -10%

Rosa by Estetica

Rosa's trendy, razor cut styling and wispy layers will add some spice to your life. Go out and hav..

$139.96 $125.96

Rose by Jon Renau -15%

Rose by Jon Renau

Long bangs on this short-layered crop create a remarkable variety of sophisticated looks. The SmartL..

$336.00 $285.60

Ruby by Jon Renau -15%

Ruby by Jon Renau

Seize the day in this sophisticated pixie! Ruby's SmartLace Front mimics a naturally growing hai..

$195.20 $165.92

Sarah by Jon Renau -15%

Sarah by Jon Renau

Sarah by Jon Renau has gorgeous wavy curls that never fail to impress! This wig’s hand tied monofila..

$544.00 $462.40