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All The Best by Gabor -15%

All The Best by Gabor

This ultra-light sculpted short style is a modern classic with all the best features: a hand-tied to..

$320.00 $272.00

Bend The Rules by Gabor -15%

Bend The Rules by Gabor

A chic, sleek, irresistibly fun boy cut with subtly textured layers that are always ready to shake t..

$349.00 $296.65

Blushing Beauty by Gabor -15%

Blushing Beauty by Gabor

Soft, salon-inspired barrel curls are so flattering – and so easy to make your own! This low-density..

$305.00 $259.25

Bouncy Beauty by Gabor -15%

Bouncy Beauty by Gabor

Bouncy Beauty by Gabor is a voluminous style that sits just above-the-shoulders and includes barrel ..

$318.00 $270.30

Center of Attention by Gabor -15%

Center of Attention by Gabor

This luscious style features gentle waves that tumble loosely for loads of movement while the lace f..

$318.00 $270.30

Chic Choice by Gabor -15%

Chic Choice by Gabor

This chic sculpted shape with stacked layers at the nape and longer, disconnected face-framing layer..

$165.00 $140.25

Curves Ahead by Gabor -15%

Curves Ahead by Gabor

Look no further because this cut checks all the boxes. Lovely layers, bouncy body, and let's not for..

$308.00 $261.80

Debutante by Gabor -15%

Debutante by Gabor

Debutante is a multi-layered style of soft, swept-back waves that is all lightweight texture and con..

$359.00 $305.15

Forever Chic by Gabor -15%

Forever Chic by Gabor

Always and forever chic. This sophisticated and sleek style is an instant hit and sits at a sweet sp..

$369.00 $313.65

Perfection by Gabor -15%

Perfection by Gabor

Perfection by Gabor is a sophisticated silhouette with all the softness and movement needed for a pe..

$289.00 $245.85

Premium by Gabor -15%

Premium by Gabor

A gently layered, shoulder length page with angled-cut sides that flatteringly frame the face, thi..

$310.00 $263.50

Premium Luxury by Gabor -15%

Premium Luxury by Gabor

Your favorite go-to style is now available in a fully hand-tied top! PREMIUM LUXURY by Gabor is smoo..

$385.00 $327.25

Shape Up by Gabor -15%

Shape Up by Gabor

Soft textured waves move up and away from the face for a pretty, uplifting silhouette. With fullness..

$155.00 $131.75

Spring Romance by Gabor -15%

Spring Romance by Gabor

It's easy to fall for this short, textured shag. The modern movement comes from the all-over layerin..

$305.00 $259.25

Stylish Flair by Gabor -15%

Stylish Flair by Gabor

Modern sophistication defines this elegant silhouette. The lace front means the gently waved layers ..

$289.00 $245.65

Sweet Escape by Gabor -15%

Sweet Escape by Gabor

Escape to a world of wonderful style. This cut is sporty chic and easy to wear. Dress it up or down,..

$259.00 $220.15

Sweet Talk Large by Gabor -15%

Sweet Talk Large by Gabor

From Gabor's LUXURY COLLECTION, Sweet Talk is thoroughly modern and remarkably natural looking! ..

$305.00 $259.25

Sweet Talk Luxury by Gabor -15%

Sweet Talk Luxury by Gabor

By popular request, Gabor's bestselling Sweet Talk style is now available with a fully hand-tied top..

$349.00 $296.65

Trending Tresses by Gabor -15%

Trending Tresses by Gabor

Sleek and straight with a trending full fringe that can be worn down or swept to one side.  Raz..

$299.00 $254.15

Unspoken by Gabor -15%

Unspoken by Gabor

This light, airy, mid-length bob is perfectly undone, perfectly flattering. Style the tapered layers..

$325.00 $276.25

Au Naturel by Gabor -15%

Au Naturel by Gabor

Soft, barrel curls add voluminous, full waves to create a sophisticated, short silhouette. The sheer..

$195.00 $165.75

Belle by Gabor -15%

Belle by Gabor

Loaded with softly curled layers, this short, basic cut is ready-to-wear with a firm shake right out..

$160.00 $136.00

Cameo Cut by Gabor -15%

Cameo Cut by Gabor

An updated, tapered bob with softly textured layers in the monofilament crown for volume and movemen..

$199.00 $169.15

Curl Appeal by Gabor -15%

Curl Appeal by Gabor

With Curl Appeal by Gabor, you'll have glorious well-behaved curls - the kind you've always wished f..

$220.00 $187.00

Curl Up by Gabor -15%

Curl Up by Gabor

A collar length, all over layered shape with tons of spiral waved curls that can be scrunched for mo..

$235.00 $199.75

Dream Do by Gabor -15%

Dream Do by Gabor

Get full on volume with this multi-layered cut.  Soft, barrel waves throughout the top and side..

$195.00 $165.75

Epic by Gabor -15%

Epic by Gabor

From Gabor's Spring 2019 Collection, Epic is a softly waved chin length cut that gives the clas..

$349.00 $296.65

Epic Large by Gabor -15%

Epic Large by Gabor

Epic is a softly waved chin length cut that gives the classic bob a new twist. With a sheer lac..

$349.00 $296.65

Everyday Elegant by Gabor -15%

Everyday Elegant by Gabor

Softly waved layers with sides that sweep back bring a touch of glamour to this shag and to any acti..

$305.00 $259.25

Flatter Me by Gabor -15%

Flatter Me by Gabor

From the smooth lengths and the 100% hand-tied top, to the professionally textured layers that feath..

$349.00 $296.65

Flirt by Gabor -15%

Flirt by Gabor

Featuring precision layering with just a bit of curl, this light, short silhouette is the epitome of..

$155.00 $131.75

Fresh Chic by Gabor -15%

Fresh Chic by Gabor

A no-fuss style that reflects the latest natural curl trend, FRESH CHIC is a stacked wavy bob that l..

$305.00 $259.25

High Impact by Gabor -15%

High Impact by Gabor

The effect is stunning. Layered waves have natural body for a flattering shape. A face-framing eyela..

$305.00 $259.25

High Society by Gabor -15%

High Society by Gabor

With a hand-knotted monofilament part for varied parting options and a sheer lace front for life-l..

$305.00 $259.25

Modern Motif by Gabor -15%

Modern Motif by Gabor

From Gabor's 2017 Fall Luxury Collection, Modern Motif is a classic bob modernized with textured wav..

$308.00 $261.80

On Edge by Gabor -15%

On Edge by Gabor

This "shattered" below-the-chin bob has edgy, fashion forward flair. Tousled, tapered layers through..

$308.00 $261.80