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Alana XO by Amore

Alana by Amore is a shoulder length bob with romantic, wavy curls and softly layered fringe.. Th..

$366.00 $311.10

Bailey by René of Paris

Bailey by Rene of Paris is a mid-length, layered shag cut with a wispy bang. The traditional cap c..

$156.00 $132.60

Brandi by Amore

Brandi wig by Amore has extra long layers that are cut to frame the face and neck in an extremel..

$315.00 $267.75

Claire by Noriko

Claire is a mid-length cut with long layers and textured ends that allow you to direct the ends ..

$191.00 $162.35

Claire Partial Mono by Noriko

Claire PM is the luxury version of the best-selling Claire!  Clair PM has all the comfort fea..

$333.00 $283.05

Coco by René of Paris

René of Paris best seller, Coco, has a "Meg Ryan" influence, with its wispy texture that is both cha..

$120.00 $102.00

Codi by Amore

Codi by Amore is a swingy chin length angled bob with side swept fringe that creates a simply beauti..

$295.00 $250.75

Codi XO by Amore

Codi XO by Amore is a swingy chin length angled bob with side swept fringe that creates a simply bea..

$363.00 $308.55

Cory by Noriko

Cory by Noriko is a best-selling short bob. Cory is a stacked, rounded bob with a shorter neckli..

$195.00 $165.75

Dolce by Noriko

The Noriko Collection was developed for the active woman on the go. It requires very little stylin..

$204.00 $173.40

Drew by Noriko

Drew by Noriko has overall point-cut layers that makes a bold statement in this short edgy cut.&..

$169.00 $143.65

Erin by Amore

Erin wig by Amore is a transformational short bob with beveled fullness throughout nape and side..

$286.00 $243.10

Felicity by René of Paris

Felicity by Rene of Paris is a long, sexy wig that’s full of layers, which gives the style great v..

$159.00 $135.15

Gia by René of Paris

Gia by Rene of Paris is a chic tapered pixie with effortless elegance. The pre-styled synthetic ..

$165.00 $140.25

Ivy by Noriko

Ivy by Noriko is a classic short style. Loads of textured layers give this cut exceptional volume,..

$214.00 $181.90

Izzie by Noriko

Look sleek and modern in this edgy crop-style wig. Long, side-swept, asymmetrical fringe and nea..

$201.00 $170.85

Jade by René of Paris

Jade by Rene of Paris is a feathery layered cut that's a longer version of the famous Jennifer A..

$130.00 $110.50

Janelle by Noriko

Janelle is a long and softly curled synthetic wig with a natural touch. The part is hand-tied and ..

$360.00 $306.00

Kate by Noriko

Look polished and feel confident with Kate by Noriko wigs. Designed by world renowned wig designe..

$182.00 $154.70

Kourtney by René of Paris

Kourtney by Rene of Paris is a mid-length bouncy style, with lots of layers that enhance the feminin..

$169.00 $143.65

Laine by René of Paris

René of Paris best seller, Laine, is an economically priced long wig with soft layers that are ..

$136.00 $115.60

Lizzy by René of Paris

René of Paris best seller, Lizzy, is a short, spiky and “shake-n-go” style. It features razor-finis..

$135.00 $114.75

Lulu by Noriko

Lulu by Noriko is a classic, layered, and softly curled synthetic wig. The part is hand-tied and l..

$321.00 $272.85

Mason by Noriko

Mason by Noriko has mixed layers with beveled ends that build attitude into this style with a so..

$178.00 $151.30

Megan by Noriko

Megan is a synthetic, semi-wedge cut with a tapered neck and extended nape. The sides are long e..

$156.00 $132.60

Millie by Noriko

Millie by Noriko is a classic short shag cut that has been tailored for today's modern women. Th..

$188.00 $159.80

Misha by René of Paris

Misha by Rene of Paris is a long, straight wig with blunt cut bangs that is both timeless and up..

$195.00 $165.75

Morgan by Noriko

Morgan by Noriko short style featuring a full bang and subtle, but spunky, flared tips at the nape..

$206.00 $175.10

Natasha by Amore

Natasha by Amore has face-framing layers with a razor-edged nape that make this wig style the so..

$298.00 $253.30

Nori by Noriko

Nori by Noriko wigs is a short, wavy and textured shaggy style with a basic cap with open wefting ..

$188.00 $159.80

Penelope XO by Amore

Penelope by Amore has touchable, tight ringlets that give luscious volume to this shoulder lengt..

$378.00 $321.30

Reese by Noriko

Reese by Noriko is a polished, refined and sassy tousled bob with choppy layers and side fringe...

$178.00 $151.30

Reign by Amore

Reign by Amore is a gently curled layered bob that falls nearly to the shoulder, and has fringe that..

$415.00 $352.75

Ryder by Amore

Ryder by Amore is a playful, flirty style that falls below the shoulder and has soft waves with a fu..

$421.00 $357.85

Sally by Noriko

Sally by Noriko is a sleek and sophisticated short style featuring a soft fringe and tapered nap..

$172.00 $146.20

Sandie by Noriko

Sandie by Noriko is a textured layered cut with a tousled finish that has soft curls in back, and ..

$175.00 $148.75