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Avalon by Estetica -10%

Avalon by Estetica

Falling below the shoulders, Avalon's free flowing, gentle waves create the perfect touch of natural..

$311.96 $281.00

Blaze by Estetica -10%

Blaze by Estetica

Long, texturized waves make Blaze a beautifully versatile style. Go from casual and carefree to chic..

$279.96 $252.00

Brady by Estetica -10%

Brady by Estetica

Brady is an alluring pixie cut with a twist. She sports texturized layers and bangs, creating an ele..

$187.96 $169.00

Deena by Estetica -10%

Deena by Estetica

Deena is a fun and flirtatious style. Her stacked bob and side swept bangs give you just the right a..

$227.96 $205.00

Ellen by Estetica -10%

Ellen by Estetica

It has never been easier to transition your look from work to play thanks to Ellen's incredible ve..

$203.96 $184.00

Emma by Estetica -10%

Emma by Estetica

The versatility of Emma's straight, sleek bob is all you need to finish off any look, and the mo..

$415.96 $374.00

Hudson by Estetica -10%

Hudson by Estetica

Hudson is perfect for any occasion. She is a classic and feminine style with soft, subtle layers tha..

$419.96 $378.00

Jamison by Estetica -10%

Jamison by Estetica

Best-seller, Jamison, is a classic A-line bob that never goes out of style. She has a monofilame..

$239.96 $216.00

Jett by Estetica -10%

Jett by Estetica

Have fun with this Jett Wig by Estetica! She's a bold, asymmetric pixie featuring a sheer lace front..

$239.96 $216.00

Locklan by Estetica -10%

Locklan by Estetica

Long and sleek, Locklan is the embodiment of a contemporary classic. Effortlessly light and comforta..

$443.96 $400.00

Mellow by Estetica -10%

Mellow by Estetica

Mellow by Estetica Designs is a textured shagged bob with long bangs and messy layered waves. A lace..

$307.96 $277.00

Orchid by Estetica -10%

Orchid by Estetica

Orchid Wig by Estetica Designs is a long, voluminous style with flowing loose waves, face-framing ..

$279.96 $252.00

Perry by Estetica -10%

Perry by Estetica

Be inspired and get creative with Perry's choppy layers and subtle undercut. Go from simple and slee..

$291.96 $263.00

Petite Berlin by Estetica -10%

Petite Berlin by Estetica

Let your inner beauty shine with Petite Berlin, inspired by the best-selling Avalon! Create a natura..

$311.96 $281.00

Petite Easton by Estetica -10%

Petite Easton by Estetica

Inspired by the popular Jett style, Petite Easton is a dynamic asymmetric pixie style with a full mo..

$407.96 $367.00

Petite Nancy by Estetica -10%

Petite Nancy by Estetica

Estetica's best selling petite sized wig, Petite Nancy, has razored layers and short wispy bangs tha..

$187.96 $169.00

Petite Sedona by Estetica -10%

Petite Sedona by Estetica

Inspired by the popular Orchid style, Petite Sedona's gorgeous waves and face framing layers create ..

$279.96 $252.00

Petite Sullivan by Estetica -10%

Petite Sullivan by Estetica

Inspired by the best-selling Jamison style, Petite Sullivan is a true classic bob with long lay..

$271.96 $245.00

Reeves by Estetica -10%

Reeves by Estetica

Reeves by Estetica Designs has long, flowing, softly layered loose waves that look undone and simply..

$227.96 $205.00

Ryan by Estetica -10%

Ryan by Estetica

Relaxed and stylish, this wavy, asymmetrical pixie style is all about the angles and length. Ryan's ..

$303.96 $274.00

Sutton by Estetica -10%

Sutton by Estetica

This straight, blunt cut bob is simple, yet modern. Sutton's sleek, straight texture and perfectly t..

$427.96 $385.00

True by Estetica -10%

True by Estetica

Chic and sophisticated, True is a short feathery layered cut that has loads of volume and wispy full..

$195.96 $176.00

Verona by Estetica -10%

Verona by Estetica

Verona's dynamic waves and long, gorgeous layers create a look that is simply breathtaking. This stu..

$443.96 $400.00

Violet by Estetica -10%

Violet by Estetica

Light and airy, carefree and effortless. Violet is a short bob that's full of lavish layers and be..

$287.96 $259.00