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Change by Ellen Wille

Change by Ellen Wille is a short, trendy, and softly angled cut wig. The hair and bangs are cut to c..

$214.95 $171.95

Cher by Ellen Wille

Cher by Ellen Wille is a long, edgy, and super straight synthetic wig with full bangs, found exclusi..

$330.00 $264.00

Click by Ellen Wille

Click by Ellen Wille is choppy, layered, and tousled to create a sophisticated but edgy style. The o..

$195.00 $156.00

Disc by Ellen Wille

Disc by Ellen Wille is a short, asymmetrical boy cut with a soft, tapered neckline and angled fringe..

$295.00 $236.00

Golf by Ellen Wille

Ready to start your revolution? Golf is a short rebellious wig with loads of personality and feminin..

$195.00 $156.00

Open by Ellen Wille

Be open for something stunning and new! Ellen Wille Open is a short, ultra textured style has unli..

$229.50 $183.60

Point by Ellen Wille

Adorably asymmetrical to get straight to the point! This cropped cut wig lifts up the texture at the..

$214.50 $171.60

Push Up by Ellen Wille

Push Up by Ellen Wille is fun and flirty to give you effortless style with a comfortable fit. The op..

$255.00 $204.00

Risk by Ellen Wille

Risk by Ellen Wille is a lightweight pixie cut with short bangs – it weighs less than two ounces! Th..

$325.00 $260.00

Risk Sensitive by Ellen Wille

The Risk Sensitive wig from Ellen Wille is a statement look. It's short, cropped and incredibly mode..

$345.00 $276.00

Scape by Ellen Wille

Scape is a light, pixie-cut wig that delivers a clean and open style with face-framing layers. The f..

$224.50 $179.60

Stop Hi Tec by Ellen Wille

Stop Hi Tec by Ellen Wille is a lightweight short style with a tapered neckline – it weighs less t..

$270.00 $216.00

Tab by Ellen Wille

Powerful and absolutely perfect! Tab is a short, precision cut wig with bold short layers. The poss..

$274.50 $219.60

Tool by Ellen Wille

Rock' n Roll! Tool by Ellen Wille is a show-stopping short style adding a dash of excitement to yo..

$249.50 $199.60