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Bombshell Bob by Hairdo -15%

Bombshell Bob by Hairdo

Voluminous tousled waves and just the right length. A longer bang sweeps into a multi-layered look t..

$139.00 $118.15

Breezy Wave Cut by Hairdo -15%

Breezy Wave Cut by Hairdo

The Hairdo BREEZY WAVE CUT Wig is a multi-layered, cropped bob. The softly waved crown and fringe bl..

$139.00 $118.15

Flirty Flip by Hairdo -15%

Flirty Flip by Hairdo

If you love a textured, piecey look, meet your new “go to” style. The razor-cut layers throughou..

$139.00 $118.15

Flirty Fringe Bob by Hairdo -15%

Flirty Fringe Bob by Hairdo

Flirty Fringe Bob by Hairdo is a chic bob haircut with choppy layers. Both sophisticated and easy, t..

$139.00 $118.15

Pretty Short Pixie by Hairdo -15%

Pretty Short Pixie by Hairdo

This is the short textured crop you’ve always wanted! Shorter layers at the crown give height and ..

$139.00 $118.15

Shattered Bob by Hairdo -15%

Shattered Bob by Hairdo

An easy to style, to-the-chin length bob, the Hairdo SHATTERED BOB wig is adorned with tousled layer..

$139.00 $118.15

Short Shag by Hairdo -15%

Short Shag by Hairdo

A quintessential short cut, the Hairdo SHORT SHAG wig is a form fitting style that is full of piecey..

$139.00 $118.15

Classic Fling by Hairdo -15%

Classic Fling by Hairdo

Side sweeping fringe and subtly layered, chin-length sides frame the face as they expertly blend int..

$139.00 $118.15

Classic Page by Hairdo -15%

Classic Page by Hairdo

The understated pageboy silhouette gets modernized on this alluring wig with blunt, shoulder-lengt..

$139.00 $118.15

Feather Cut by Hairdo -15%

Feather Cut by Hairdo

This layered pixie cut has a fun, borrowed-from-the-boys style, but with an entirely femme fatale ..

$139.00 $118.15

Glamour Pix by Hairdo -15%

Glamour Pix by Hairdo

This short, layered pixie has a light, wispy texture that allows for multiple styling options from s..

$139.00 $118.15

Layered Bob by Hairdo -15%

Layered Bob by Hairdo

You’ll be climbing the fashion ladder to new style heights in this smooth, chin-length bob. This..

$139.00 $118.15

Long With Layers by Hairdo -15%

Long With Layers by Hairdo

Falling below the shoulders, this wig is sexy, sleek and jam-packed with body thanks to long layer..

$139.00 $118.15

Modern Flair by Hairdo -15%

Modern Flair by Hairdo

A mid-length, layered, softly waved bob with a generous eyelash bang, the Hairdo Modern Flair wig ..

$139.00 $118.15

Modern Flip by Hairdo -15%

Modern Flip by Hairdo

A mid-length, all over-layered, below-the-shoulder shag with a side part and full sweeping fringe,..

$139.00 $118.15

Perfect Pixie by Hairdo -15%

Perfect Pixie by Hairdo

Generous length in the front and top plus precision textured layering throughout give a contemporary..

$139.00 $118.15

Short Tapered Crop by Hairdo -15%

Short Tapered Crop by Hairdo

 The Short Tapered Crop Wig by Hairdo is a loosely layered, short cropped cut with generous vol..

$139.00 $118.15

Short Textured Pixie by Hairdo -15%

Short Textured Pixie by Hairdo

A classic “boy cut”, the Short Textured Pixie Cut Wig by Hairdo features textured bangs and all ..

$139.00 $118.15

Spiky Cut by Hairdo -15%

Spiky Cut by Hairdo

Make it short and sweet with texturized tresses that vibe sexy, cool and chic. This wig’s expert..

$139.00 $118.15

Take It Short by Hairdo -15%

Take It Short by Hairdo

A modern salon-styled approach to the classic boy cut, this style features face-framing sides, smoot..

$139.00 $118.15

Textured Cut by Hairdo -15%

Textured Cut by Hairdo

This textured pixie features edgy, fringed bangs and allover layers tousled at the top and crown, ..

$139.00 $118.15

Textured Flip by Hairdo -15%

Textured Flip by Hairdo

The Hairdo TEXTURED FLIP Wig is an all-over layered, cropped shag with piecey texture throughout.&nb..

$139.00 $118.15

Textured Fringe Bob by Hairdo -15%

Textured Fringe Bob by Hairdo

Full, side sweeping fringe and chin-length layered sides beautifully blend into textured layers at t..

$139.00 $118.15

Tousled Bob by Hairdo -15%

Tousled Bob by Hairdo

 A shoulder-length bob with feathered bangs and softly waved all-over layers that can be worn f..

$139.00 $118.15

Vintage Volume by Hairdo -15%

Vintage Volume by Hairdo

Everything old is new again!  Reminiscent of the popular ‘70’s shag, the Vintage Volume Wig..

$139.00 $118.15

Arctic Melt by Hairdo -15%

Arctic Melt by Hairdo

Melt hearts in this cool toned color combo. Long rooted waves boldly go from midnight blue to purple..

$139.00 $118.15

Blue Waves by Hairdo -15%

Blue Waves by Hairdo

Mermaid hair is just seconds away with this bold blue wig from Hairdo with a black root and on-trend..

$139.00 $118.15

Fierce Fire by Hairdo -15%

Fierce Fire by Hairdo

Embrace your fierceness in shades of flaming orange. This sassy silhouette blazes a new trail with a..

$139.00 $118.15

It's Always Sunny by Hairdo -15%

It's Always Sunny by Hairdo

Bright, bold and beautiful! Commitment-free fantasy yellow hair styled straight with a center part a..

$175.00 $148.75

Lavender Frose by Hairdo -15%

Lavender Frose by Hairdo

Intoxicating long, loose waves in a frosty rosé shade will have you feeling as cool as you look. Fr..

$189.00 $160.65

Lilac Frost by Hairdo -15%

Lilac Frost by Hairdo

Show off your girly side in pretty pastel waves. The long lilac hair is tipped and topped with a d..

$139.00 $118.15

Mane Flame by Hairdo -15%

Mane Flame by Hairdo

Bold and spicy-hot long, loose waves in a scroll-stopping shade of rooted red-orange. They’ll love..

$189.00 $160.65

Midnight Berry by Hairdo -15%

Midnight Berry by Hairdo

Fantasy meets fashion with this multidimensional berry hue. A touch of depth at the root gets you ..

$139.00 $118.15

Out of the Blue by Hairdo -15%

Out of the Blue by Hairdo

Out Of The Blue by Hairdo allows you to surprise the world with this bold and beautiful rooted blu..

$139.00 $118.15