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Heartthrob by Mane Attraction

Heartthrob by Mane Attraction is a classic mid-length to long layered style.  The ultra-thin op..

$153.75 $125.00

Holly by Henry Margu

Holly is a short angled bob with layering, long side-swept bangs and wefted cap construction for air..

$210.00 $175.00

Hollywood by Mane Attraction

Hollywood by Mane Attraction is a long, softly curled style with a lace front for off-the-face styli..

$166.25 $135.00

Isabelle by Henry Margu

This beautiful wig boasts straight strands in a classic shape with slightly flipped ends that can be..

$228.00 $190.00

Jayde by Henry Margu

Jayde is a short,  smooth, face-framing bob that's a classic style with timeless appeal. The ca..

$210.00 $175.00

Jules by Henry Margu

Jules is a chin-length layered cut with soft curls and face skimming bangs. The lace front gives a n..

$262.50 $210.00

Kayla by Henry Margu

Curls are back, finally! Kayla has large soft curls that start at the base and go all the way to her..

$198.00 $165.00

Kelly by Henry Margu

Kelly is a petite/average sized chin-length bob with fringe that's sleek and easy to wear. The monof..

$360.00 $300.00

Kendall by Henry Margu

The new look of the season is the loose beachy wave, and KENDALL by Henry Margu captures the look be..

$408.00 $340.00

Marnie by Henry Margu

The subtle use of texture and body create a sassy addition to the Henry Margu Collection. Marnie’s c..

$206.25 $165.00

Nikki by Henry Margu

Nikki Wig by Henry Margu is a flirty look with fluffed layers and swept bangs that offers an easy-to..

$198.00 $165.00

Paige by Henry Margu

Paige is layered, collar-length style that offers shake-and go ease of wear. The ends are slightly f..

$190.00 $175.00

Paulina by Henry Margu

Paulina by Henry Margu is a mid-length wig that's full of spiral curls and luscious volume. This sho..

$252.00 $210.00

Peyton by Henry Margu

Peyton is a layered, chin-length shag with flippy ends for flirty appeal. The monofilament top allow..

$390.00 $325.00

Piper by Henry Margu

Smart and sassy, the Petite Piper by Henry Margu is the perfect pixie without the added burden of ma..

$187.50 $150.00

Presley by Henry Margu

With long, sleek layers and ample volume, Presley provides a mixture of modern and vintage style. A ..

$268.75 $215.00

Rachel by Henry Margu

Rachel Wig is a short chic layered cut with long side-swept bangs. A monofilament top with lace fron..

$381.25 $305.00

Sabrina by Henry Margu

Sabrina is a petite pixie style with a monofilament top allows you to part the style anywhere, and w..

$348.00 $290.00

Savannah by Henry Margu

Savannah is a layered mid-length style with side-swept bangs and a playful bottom flip. The open-wef..

$215.00 $185.00

Scarlet by Henry Margu

Scarlet is a shoulder-length smooth, layered wig with natural movement made of soft, silky synthetic..

$406.25 $325.00

Seduction by Mane Attraction

Seduction by Mane Attraction is a mid-length bob style with a lace front for off-the-face styling op..

$160.00 $130.00

Starlet by Mane Attraction

Starlet by Mane Attraction is a long sleek style with a short fringe.  THe hand-tied monofilame..

$160.00 $130.00

Stella by Henry Margu

Stella is a short layered style of large barrel soft curls with a monofilament top from Henry Margu'..

$381.25 $305.00

Tess by Henry Margu

Tess by Henry Margu is a trendy short wig with just the right of amount of flippy ends to give it a..

$192.00 $160.00

Tiffany by Henry Margu

Tiffany is a smooth and sleek angled bob with strands that fall to the collarbone and are slightly s..

$246.00 $205.00

Vanity by Henry Margu

Vanity by Henry Margu is one of the longest wigs on the market. This gorgeous straight style has an ..

$243.75 $195.00

Vixen by Mane Attraction

Vixen by Mane Attraction combines a shag cut with large barrel curls.  This ready-on-a-moment's..

$153.75 $125.00

Zoey by Henry Margu

This short-and-sweet style is spunky yet feminine. With choppy layers, a side-swept fringe, and plen..

$366.00 $305.00

Amber by Henry Margu

Amber is a short wig in a face framing silhouette with all over tapered layers and swept bangs. A no..

$192.00 $160.00

Amelia by Henry Margu

Amelia's short, loose spiral curls bounce playfully throughout the tresses, giving a look that is bo..

$181.25 $145.00

Annette by Henry Margu

Annette Wig by Henry Margu is a short wig in a modified boy-cut cut with added volume at the crown a..

$192.00 $160.00

Bailey by Henry Margu

Bailey offers short, soft curls with a slightly longer bang that can be brushed aside for a style lo..

$192.00 $160.00

Caroline by Henry Margu

This sweeter-than-sugar short style is sure to please! With softly waved layers, a light fringe, and..

$187.50 $150.00

Charlotte by Henry Margu

Charlotte Wig by Henry Margu is a monofilament top and lace front wig in a short tapered pixie that ..


Leah by Henry Margu

Leah's loose curls and tapered back create a beautiful silhouette. The top and sides are layered wit..

$180.00 $150.00

Lucy by Henry Margu

"Wow, I love your hair! Where did you get it cut?"  You'll be hearing that a lot in Lucy by Hen..

$181.25 $145.00