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Shorty Hat by Henry Margu

This innovative cool way of wearing a wig in the hot summer months is both cute and easy! Just throw..

$114.00 $95.00

Allure by Mane Attraction

Allure by Mane Attraction is a short layered bob with a gently tapered back.  The ultra-thin op..

$131.25 $105.00

Athena by Henry Margu

Athena features sleek, shoulder-length strands with side-swept bangs and light layers. The layering ..


Audrey by Henry Margu

Audrey by Henry Margu is a short boy-cut with razor layering and offers timeless simplicity. This re..

$192.00 $160.00

Ava by Henry Margu

Ava by Henry Margu is a long, luscious wavy wig with big soft waves that have just the right amount ..


Becky by Henry Margu

Just under 2 ounces, this classic style with a short, rounded shape and wisp bangs features a monofi..


Bethany by Henry Margu

Bethany is a mid-length tousled layered style with soft waves and side-swept bangs that has an allur..

$222.00 $185.00

Bonnie by Henry Margu

Bonnie is a short layered cut with curls that's a shake and wear style that's perfect with just some..

$216.00 $180.00

Brenda by Henry Margu

Brenda by Henry Margu is a short shag with tapered layers and sweeping bangs. Ultra-lightweight and ..

$192.00 $160.00

Broadway by Mane Attraction

Broadway by Mane Attraction is a mid-length curly style with fringe that can be worn carefree with j..

$143.75 $115.00

Brooklyn by Henry Margu

Brooklyn is a mid-length bob with smooth hair and long swept fringe.  The monofilament part all..

$262.50 $210.00

Celine by Henry Margu

Celine by Henry Margu Wigs is a beautiful, natural style with lots of length with full bangs that ac..

$240.00 $200.00

Charisma by Mane Attraction

Charisma by Mane Attraction is a collar-length layered cut with a slight wave for extra body and ful..

$131.25 $105.00

Chloe by Henry Margu

Chloe's gentle soft short shag has subtle flipped ends for a feminine and beautiful carefree look.&n..

$198.00 $165.00

Danielle by Henry Margu

A collar bone length shag, Danielle by Henry Margu Wigs is a captivating style that boasts timeless ..

$216.00 $180.00

Delilah by Henry Margu

Delilah by Henry Margu is one of the longest wavy wigs on the market with gorgeous, bouncy soft curl..

$240.00 $200.00

Dylan by Henry Margu

Dylan is a short, angled shag with longer layers overlaying a closely cropped nape.  A minimali..

$222.00 $185.00

Elena by Henry Margu

Take your style from sophisticated to contemporary in a snap with Elena by Henry Margu. With this ch..

$206.25 $165.00

Ella by Henry Margu

Ella is a short shag with flipped ends that creates flirty appeal. A refreshing take on your everyda..

$204.00 $170.00

Emily by Henry Margu

This choppy short cut is bursting with volume. Featuring layers throughout and a short, wispy fringe..

$200.00 $160.00

Enchantress by Mane Attraction

Enchantress by Mane Attraction is a long layered style with a lace front for off-the-face styling op..

$156.25 $125.00

Faith by Henry Margu

Faith is a pixie cut with tapered layers and monofilament crown. Made in a petite cap head size, thi..

$198.00 $165.00

Fame by Mane Attraction

Fame by Mane Attraction is a short cut that you can style chic and sleek, or fluff it up for extra v..

$118.75 $95.00

Farrah by Henry Margu

Farrah is a short layered bob with face framing smooth layering and longer swept bang. Realism and v..


Felicia by Henry Margu

Felicia is a playful, mid-length wig pre-styled with soft curled layers.  Her open-wefted cap i..

$222.00 $185.00

Fiona by Henry Margu

Fiona is a beautiful mid-length bob cut with side swept bangs and falls just at the shoulders. With ..


Gabby by Henry Margu

Gabby by Henry Margu is a trendy short wig with long layers on top, and flipped ends on the bottom t..

$192.00 $160.00

Gianna by Henry Margu

Gianna by Henry Margu is a monofilament top with lace front wig in a short, layered style with longe..

$365.00 $310.00

Glamour by Mane Attraction

Glamour by Mane Attraction is a mid-length style with fringe that has a touch of Hollywood glamour t..

$143.75 $115.00

Grace by Henry Margu

This short style features textured layers that create fullness and body for a uniquely feminine look..


Harper by Henry Margu

Harper boasts pre-styled curls and waves for a soft and feminine look and feel.  Harper feature..

$252.00 $210.00

Hayden by Henry Margu

Hayden is a medium length wig with cascading soft waves that frames the face beautifully. Combined r..


Heartthrob by Mane Attraction

Heartthrob by Mane Attraction is a classic mid-length to long layered style.  The ultra-thin op..

$143.75 $115.00

Holly by Henry Margu

Holly is a short angled bob with layering, long side-swept bangs and wefted cap construction for air..

$210.00 $175.00

Hollywood by Mane Attraction

Hollywood by Mane Attraction is a long, softly curled style with a lace front for off-the-face styli..

$156.25 $125.00

Isabelle by Henry Margu

This beautiful wig boasts straight strands in a classic shape with slightly flipped ends that can be..

$228.00 $190.00