Fantasy Collection by Hairdo

Fantasy Collection by Hairdo

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Arctic Melt by Hairdo -15%

Arctic Melt by Hairdo

Melt hearts in this cool toned color combo. Long rooted waves boldly go from midnight blue to purple..

$139.00 $118.15

Blue Waves by Hairdo -15%

Blue Waves by Hairdo

Mermaid hair is just seconds away with this bold blue wig from Hairdo with a black root and on-trend..

$139.00 $118.15

Fierce Fire by Hairdo -15%

Fierce Fire by Hairdo

Embrace your fierceness in shades of flaming orange. This sassy silhouette blazes a new trail with a..

$139.00 $118.15

Lilac Frost by Hairdo -15%

Lilac Frost by Hairdo

Show off your girly side in pretty pastel waves. The long lilac hair is tipped and topped with a d..

$139.00 $118.15

Midnight Berry by Hairdo -15%

Midnight Berry by Hairdo

Fantasy meets fashion with this multidimensional berry hue. A touch of depth at the root gets you ..

$139.00 $118.15

Mint To Be by Hairdo -15%

Mint To Be by Hairdo

From the runways to salons and now to your home! Mint To Be by hairdo is one of the most sought af..

$139.00 $118.15

Out of the Blue by Hairdo -15%

Out of the Blue by Hairdo

Out Of The Blue by Hairdo allows you to surprise the world with this bold and beautiful rooted blu..

$139.00 $118.15

Peachy Keen by Hairdo -15%

Peachy Keen by Hairdo

Peachy Keen by Hairdo is the perfect shade of peachy pink and can now be yours without commitment...

$139.00 $118.15

Pinky Promise by Hairdo -15%

Pinky Promise by Hairdo

We can’t promise you won’t stand out with this pop of pink! These classic layers are anything but or..

$139.00 $118.15

Poise & Berry by Hairdo -15%

Poise & Berry by Hairdo

Bombshell hair just got revamped, big time! This luscious, deep red is commitment-free, doesn’t fade..

$139.00 $118.15

Sugared Pearl by Hairdo -15%

Sugared Pearl by Hairdo

Lavish length, platinum strands and a sleek finish… what more could a girl want?  Wear it down ..

$139.00 $118.15

White Out by Hairdo -15%

White Out by Hairdo

Wow in this wickedly white wig! The classic mid-length hairstyle is updated and made edgy with a s..

$139.00 $118.15