Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch

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Aperitif by Raquel Welch

With softly waved hair on two contoured, interlocking clips, these versatile pieces are made to bl..

$59.00 $50.15

Chameleon by Raquel Welch

A versatile bang addition featuring a monofilament part with a Sheer Lines® Front for added stylin..

$157.00 $133.45

Faux Fringe by Raquel Welch

A handy hair addition, Faux Fringe offers fashionable bangs seamlessly without the commitment of cut..

$167.00 $141.95

Game Changer by Raquel Welch

This little hairpiece makes a big difference for women with hair loss. The monofilament top is paire..

$839.00 $713.15

Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch

Updating your look has never been this easy as it is with the Human Hair Bang from The Black Label C..

$281.00 $238.85

Indulgence Hairpiece by Raquel Welch

"In a perfect world… we'd all wear couture."  -- Raquel WelchThis long, lush top-of-head additi..

$1,045.00 $888.25

Lyric by Raquel Welch

A friendly, gently curled monofilament filler on a flexible 6.5" by 6.5" base with 4 pressure sens..

$209.00 $177.65

Sonata by Raquel Welch

A handy filler piece that covers the entire top of the head, Sonata includes Memory Cap® construct..

$125.00 $106.25

Special Effect by Raquel Welch

Enhance your hair with the volume and undetectable beauty only this topper can give you. This top-of..

$869.00 $738.65

Top Billing by Raquel Welch

With a Sheer Indulgence™ lace front, monofilament top and 4 strategically placed pressure-sensitiv..

$281.00 $238.85

Whimsy by Raquel Welch

A clever little softly waved hairpiece for adding volume where needed that attaches easily with two ..

$49.00 $41.65